Monday, April 26, 2010

Ilford North – UKIP

Introducing Henri Van der Stighelen, the UK Independence Party candidate for Ilford North.

‘It’s not a wasted vote – it’s a wasted opportunity’.
A vote for a party other than labour or conservative is a ‘wasted vote’. How many times have we heard that? ‘Why vote for a party that will not win?’ These arguments simply don’t stack up. Human nature tends to compel many to associate with winners. No one disputes this and we can’t change human nature, but we should not allow it to be manipulated.
The Government is a government for the people – not the electorate. Governments in the UK are elected with about 12 to 13 million votes and that has not changed much for more than 60 years. So let’s understand, the Government are selected by about 20% of the 60+ million people they will govern. This is only possible because non voters for whatever reason are not counted. The ‘wasted vote’ argument may also have swayed some people to vote with labour or the conservatives so the actual vote for the Government may also be artificially high.
Never before have our politicians been so disconnected from the people – the expenses scandal, the war in Iraq that has now moved on to Afghanistan are just some examples that reinforces this point.
This is a time for change and the first thing we need to change is to resist the ‘wasted vote’ argument and vote with the 80% of the people who don’t want the ‘best of a bad lot’. Don’t be swayed either by the opinion polls that prop up this ‘wasted vote’ con.
Let’s vote for what we believe in. Many Britains object to our £45M/day or £16B/year contribution to the EU – especially since we were ‘taken in’ without being consulted. However, without a so called ‘wasted vote’ for the UK Independence Party this will not change and soon it will not be possible to change.
It is not a ‘wasted vote ‘ it’s a ‘wasted opportunity’ – a ‘wasted vote’ is voting for something you don’t believe in or not bothering to vote.

Note: All the candidates for Ilford North have been offered 250 words on this blog. They will be published if and when they are received. Click the label below to see who’s in.


  1. "... this is only possible because non voters for whatever reason are not counted."

    Surely it is a rule of democracy that abstentions go with the majority?

    The simple fact is that, if the non-voters had all voted for someone other than the actual winner, in many - probably most - cases, the outcome would be different. So, as they didn't vote against the victor, they are deemed to have voted in favour.

    These non-votes may not be expressed as a numerical value but that's the way the system works!

  2. My biggest concern is that people may decide to not vote.

    Over the years people have fought and even died for the right to vote - and to be able to do so in a way which means that no-one else knows how they voted.

    I'm not trying to tell people who they should vote for, but I would wish that everyone did vote, as otherwise if only a comparative few bothered then one day we may all find that because people did not 'use it' they 'lose it'.

    Just because we live in a high-tech society with computers, instant global communications, etc, it does not mean that this could not happen. Especially if the global ecconomic situation continues its downward spiral.