Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ilford North – Liberal Democrat

Introducing Alex Berhanu, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Ilford North.

This election offers you an historic opportunity to change British politics for good and I have ten reasons why I should be the most ideal candidiate for Ilford North.

Liberal Democrats have been calling for complete reform of our political system, long before politicians became so discredited by the expenses scandal. Whilst Conservatives were arguing for yet more deregulation, we warned that the UK economy was running out of control. Guided by Vince Cable we lead the way in charting a path back to economic stability. The LibDems were the only major party to have opposed the futile war in Iraq, and we championed green policies long before they became fashionable.

He was born in Ethiopia and was imprisoned and tortured for five years for his liberal thinking. He lost most of his family in the 1984 famine. He has lived and worked in the UK for 20 years and been a teacher and lecturer for more than half of his life. In 2005 Alex has been award an accolade from Duchess of Wessex for his perseverance and turing adverse circumstance into success as well his passionate teaching prowess. He has initiated and been involved in several charitable undertakings and served as Board of Director for World University Service, president of Walsall Credit Union, Amnesty International. School Governor, VSO, and TRA.

Alex says “A vote for either of the established parties won’t change anything – indeed it is inexplicable how a ‘conservative’ party can suddenly claim to stand for change! Voting Liberal Democrat is the only way to send a powerful message that people expect and deserve better from our leaders. Electing as many LibDem MPs as possible is the only way to guarantee real change and ensure an end to the current corrupt political system. Fairness and opportunity are at the heart of all our beliefs and, as we have demonstrated on Redbridge Council, when we are elected we are hard working and effective representatives.

Alex Berhanu

Note: All the candidates for Ilford North have been offered 250 words on this blog. They will be published if and when they are received. Click the label below to see who’s in.


  1. GOOD LUCK! I am voting for you on 6th May!

  2. This guy has no idea what he's doing or talking about. He's from Southwark... where he's also a councillor candidate. Don't waste your vote.

  3. Such comments have no merit whatsoever. I only publish it so I can reply to that effect. If you wish to challenge any of Mr Berhanu’s statements please do, then we can judge whether you know what you are talking about.

    And BTW, there is no such thing as a "wasted" vote.

  4. What does it matter where a candidate comes from? Assess him/her on their policies and apparent abilities, not where they happen to live.