Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ilford North – Green

Introducing Caroline Allen, the Green Party Candidate for Ilford North.

Originally from Essex I have lived and worked, as a Vet, in East and North London for the last decade. I joined the Green Party because of its strong positions on animal protection and the environment. I still believe no other party comes close on these important issues. However, the Green Party’s policies in other crucial areas are often overlooked and these are just as important to me.

The main political parties have presided over an extended period of increasing inequality, which I believe has a very damaging effect on society and especially young people. I believe that only the Green Party has an economics policy that can reverse this trend.

I am committed to strong public services, provided locally and offering employment for local people. The NHS is key to the well being of a community, and I am strongly opposed to the privitisation of the NHS and against the many hospital closures threatening healthcare, including in Ilford. Preventative health care is also an issue I am passionate about, I believe closures of local sports facilities are astonishingly short sighted and believe everyone should have access to green space within walking distance.

Working for a small business I see how vibrant local businesses are important for communities. I will work to support local businesses and ensure shops remain within walking distance of people, restricting the power of supermarkets.

I believe the Green Party has the policies to make life better in Ilford North and beyond, and am proud to be their candidate.

Caroline Allen

Note: All the candidates for Ilford North have been offered 250 words on this blog. They will be published if and when they are received.

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  1. At this General Election I have the opportunity to do something I have never before been able to do - vote Green. Of course, for most of my life I would not have considered it, but that's not the point.

    I quite like Lee Scott and Sonia Klein, but my X will be placed with a flourish against the name of this candidate.