Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Game On

For those of you who do not find this season’s Premier League football fascinating and exciting, we now have the distraction of a General Election which will culminate two days earlier [maybe] on May 7th when BBCs Final Score tot up the points for each team in the parliamentary league table.

Here in Ilford North we have, so far, and according to “your next MP”, a choice of six. They are:

Alex Berhanu, Liberal Democrats
Caroline Allen, Green Party
Lee Scott, Conservative Party
Robert Hampson, Christian People’s Alliance
Sonia Klein, Labour Party
Danny Warville, BNP [added 14 April]
Henri van der Stighelen, UKIP [added 14 April]
And of course don’t vote at all.

If this doesn’t turn you on with anticipation and excitement, you might like to pop down the travel agents and book a months holiday where there is no wi-fi access. Alternatively you could put a big sign on your front door warning leafletters and canvassers of the doom that awaits them if they dare to ring your bell or rattle your letterbox. Other than that you could have a lie down with a strong cup of tea and some Fairtrade chocolate, or whatever your passion is. A good book, like ‘Bleak House” maybe?

Anyway, having given the Local Party leaders/ spokesmen the opportunity to have a say on this blog on the Local Elections I would now like to invite the candidates for Ilford North constituency to submit a 250 word statement for publication here. Optional of course.

And to wrap up this post here is the Quote of the Day:

GB is due to ask QE to dissolve parliament (which may bring cheer to many disgruntled voters, depending on what she decides to dissolve it in) and we are to elect the next one on 6th May.
Stuart Jeffery

Stop Press: Elsewhere the Ilford South UKIP candidate is in trouble already, the BNP are having a bit of a tiff and a black Reverend has got it in for Margaret Hodge across the border in Barking.


  1. Erm - Freudian slip! The CPA candidate's name should be Rev ROBERT Hampson!

  2. Oops! Corrected. Freudian indeedy.

  3. One wonders whether the General being held on the same day as the Locals will increase or decrease the turnout for the Local vote?

  4. Past experience suggests that it should increase it. However, given the low turnout at the 2005 general elecetion and the increasing public apathy towards politics and politicians, this time it's anybody's guess.

  5. Take a look at http://www.margarethodge.info for facts about Hodge and her terrible record.

  6. Henri Van der Stighelen – UK Independence Party candidate, Ilford North2:03 pm, May 04, 2010

    Henri Van der Stighelen – UK Independence Party candidate, Ilford North: As the election campaign gets closer to the ‘poll of polls’ when the people speak, or at least a minority of them, it is worth reflecting on some key points.

    Liberal Democrats have emerged as a credible third option and Gordon Brown looks increasingly unlikely to achieve an election victory or a mandate from the people that he has managed ‘without’ so far. David Cameron has surrendered his polish to content and through the glare of the leader’s debates we can see that the three tired old parties have some things in common: dishonesty, policy and a lack of credible solutions.

    Never before have so many ‘cats been let out’ of the proverbial bag:

    • They all agree publically that there is massive debt and swingeing cuts will have to follow the election
    • Nick Clegg had a Eureka moment when he demanded that David admit that most so called immigrants were in fact EU citizens enjoying freedom of movement
    • The old parties have between 15 and 25% planned cuts revealed – you may expect labour with the information to be in the lead, but you would be wrong?
    • Suddenly labour and conservative have had a ‘death bed’ conversion to electoral reform
    • None of them will admit they will increase VAT and evade the question with the grace of a Latin American side shuffle.
    • They all agree that Gordon did what so many of us sometimes do and say one thing but mean another. Of course they all agree. Decent people listen to others and try to understand points of view and debate, agree to disagree or take it on board. The old politicians see opposing views as signs of bigotry, ignorance or political incorrectness
    • .. and aren’t we all glad we are not in Euro like poor old Greece – whose best option is to come out of the Euro.

    What is even more interesting is that the solutions they seek are already out there in the UKIP manifesto www.ukip.org read it for yourself:

    • Swingeing cuts are necessary because they intend to send £120B to the EU
    • UKIP have been ‘full square’ behind informing the people of Britain about the denial by the tired old parties of ‘freedom of movement’ for EU citizens putting the ‘mass’ into mass migration
    • UKIP don’t need to reveal 15% of the recovery plan. Come out of the EU, continue to trade successfully and save £120B – and that is 100%
    • We are all saying electoral reform – but let’s kill the myth of the wasted vote. We all now know that no party in the UK in 60 years came to power with more than about 20% of the people of Britain .. and we brought democracy to Iraq? Only a vote for something other than your belief is a wasted vote
    • UKIP will scrap the EU VAT system and replace it with a Local Sales Tax that crucially supports local democracy
    • The UKIP strap line is ‘Straight Talk’ – unless of course we are not allowed to say that?
    • And finally, the poor old Greeks may have to get out of the Euro – we will fight to the end to avoid going in and continue to fight to the end to get out of the EU and begin the Real UK Recovery
    • If ever there was a ‘death bed’ conversion it is the three tired old parties coming over to UKIP policies that are in the manifesto. Of course they won’t actually convert so the people will need to kick them out of the ‘bed’ with a vote for the UK Independence Party

  7. OK I realise that the above comment is a blatant Party Political Broadcast but I have allowed it on the basis that it is pretty much what he said at the Barnados hustings which were not recorded, whereas all the other candidates [bar one] can be seen at other hustings videos on this blog.