Friday, April 30, 2010

Darling Buds

As today is the last day of the month I thought I’d do a round up of events coming soon in May.
First up we have the annual May Day festivities at Forest Farm Peace Garden on Sunday May 2nd followed by a sale of organic starter vegetable and herb plants grown in the garden by volunteers on Sunday May 16th.
Then there was something on Thursday May 6th, what was it now? Oh yes, it’s the Aldborough Hall Farm Beer Festival which runs for 4 days up to May 9th. Did you know we have a local brewery? It’s called the Ha'penny Brewing Company and we do like to support local business, don’t we?

This clashes with the 65th anniversary celebrations of VE day over at Fairlop Waters on Saturday May 8th. Apparently our organiser has arranged for not only a life size model of a WWII Spitfire fighter plane but also the Shepherd Neame brew of the same name in the bar. Yet another reason for a bus route along Forest Road.

Over the same weekend we have Fairtrade Family Fun on the Southbank at Potters Fields. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Plenty of stuff for the kids.

Moving on we have our coffee morning on Thursday May 20th where Matthew Maple will give us an update on Barkingside Regeneration. Later that day there is a Full Council Meeting. I think this is the ceremonial one where the Mayor gets elected, which could be fun depending upon the outcome of the count on the afternoon of May 7th. The following week, May 27th, is the one where the Cabinet gets elected, or not as the case may be.

And of course there is the nail biting and intriguing climax to Premier League football over the next 9 days. Can Chelsea pip ManU for the title? Does anybody actually want the final Champions League place? Can West Ham pluck relegation out of the jaws of survival? Who needs elections when you have excitement like this?


  1. What hope of Ilford Regeneration (or Barkingside Regeneration) in the light of The Stratford Site,which is probably easier and quicker to get to than Blue Water or Lakeside.

  2. Ahh , but the novelty value will last for a few months!