Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Booze in the Park

We are puzzled by this Licence application by Redbridge Council to Redbridge Council for a booze licence in Hainault Forest Country Park.
“Allow both live and recorded music and alcohol sale until 2:00am during events. Regular sale of alcohol from Café on daily basis, Hainault Forest Country Park”

Hmmmm? A few questions need to be answered. There was a proposal some while back for a Pub in the Park but it didn’t fly, so is this the thin end of the wedge? We will try to find out, but it is election time so you do have the opportunity to quiz anybody who knocks on your door canvassing.


  1. Ha ha, planning applications should be on the 'what's in my neighbourhood' section of the award winning website, the redbridge i.
    Now, what postcode should I input to see this planning application properly?
    Is the restaurant already there licensed? I am sure it must be and, not that long ago, wasn't there a nightclub anyway and the revellers crawled back home via the foot path and local residents wanted the foot path gated. Plus ca va, plus c'est la meme chose!

  2. Anne, I think you are getting confused between Fairlop Waters and Hainault Forest Country Park.

  3. unless they are looking at a license for open air events possibly. Interesting.

  4. .... or looking for an audience comprising a large number of people who will have to pay to park their cars?

  5. It will come as no surprise to some, that the link at the bottom of this Notice of Application (Redbridge to Redbridge) does not work!

  6. The Application was submitted by a Mr. Paul Browne and gives the detail below.

    Note that the last date for representations is shown as 11.5.2010 amd not 17.5 as shown on the displayed notice. A mere oversight I am sure.

    Using the reference below and the postcode IG7 4QN it is possible to display the application on-line and make a representation against at URL


    Application Result
    Application Analysis
    Reference PREM\VAR\002\04-2010
    Type Premises - Variation of Licence
    Tracking Status In Progress
    Condition Name Details of Proposed Variations
    Display Name Details of Proposed Variations
    Text Details of Proposed Variations

    To allow music both live and recorded until 02.00 am following day during events.
    To allow sale of alcohol until 02.00 am following day during events
    To allow regular sale of alcohol from the cafe on a daily basis
    Milestone Date Name Milestone Date Value
    2nd Poster Inspection Due 08/05/2010
    Application Withdrawn
    Application Approved
    In Consultation
    Last Day to Notify Parties of Hearing (-10 Working Days)
    Completed Application Received 13/04/2010
    Last Day For Receipt of Relevant Representations (28 Days) 11/05/2010
    Last Day For Committee Hearing (20 Working Days) 08/06/2010
    Committee Hearing
    New Application Received 13/04/2010
    Appeal Hearing
    Application Rejected
    In Mediation