Friday, March 19, 2010

Up In Smoke

I have chosen the graphic [left] because it is very similar to the smoking shelters I’ve seen and used outside other hospitals. I don’t know how much they cost, see below, but it is a guide for you to make a judgement on whether those who spend other people’s money have any sense of value. Here’s Lorraine from the Cranbrook Residents Association

Dear Mr Goulston,

I have just seen on ITV that BHRUT is spending £80,000 on 4 smoking shelters; 2 at Queens and 2 at King George. I would have thought that in these dire financial times, spending this amount of money on smoking shelters when front line services are suffering is unacceptable. This is public money and I for one consider that you are not using funds in the correct manner.

Perhaps you should have posters on the walls saying that as the Trust is having to spend £80,000 on smoking shelters, it will mean the loss of, for example, 4 nurses. Smokers need to be made aware of the consequences of their actions and BHRUT should take a harder line with them.

BHRUT should be promoting zero tolerance and maybe smokers should be fined if they are stubbing out their cigarettes on hospital premises. Perhaps your legal department should check this out. Smoking is a filthy habit and can be deadly. When I worked as a medical secretary at Barts Hospital, Thoracic Department, I often had black lungs sitting in a jar in my office; a healthy lung is of course pink. Perhaps if cancerous lungs were on display in the reception areas, it may make smokers think again; shock tactics.

The Trust should be encouraging smokers to kick the habit not help them to sustain it.

Mrs Lorraine Silver
I’ve had a dig around the internet for Smoking Shelters and Bus Stop Shelters to see if I could find some comparative prices. I couldn’t find any. Plenty of graphics displaying various types of shelters but no prices. Quotes upon application. I’m not surprised at those prices. So I’m thinking, what else could you buy for £20,000? A pretty decent brand new car which is a lot more complex than a simple structure like a shelter. What are the alternatives? How about a garden shed? You can pick a pretty decent sized one of them up for less than £1,000 but they are made of wood so perhaps not really appropriate for smoking in. So how about this cute metal baby? Yours for £179 – larger versions available.


  1. It almost beggars belief! Just what sort of total morons are employed in our health service to do things like this?

    I am a former smoker - kicked it on 3 September 1986 (47th anniversaru of the outbreak of World War 2!). It's easy to do. You simply stop and do not buy any more. No patches, potions, or anything more substantial than determination.

  2. Morris,
    any idea where we could get a couple of cheap second hand Anderson shelters from?

  3. Sorry smokers but if you are given nice shelters, perhaps you will not huddle next to the gates and make us breathe the fumes.
    Could the same happen at bus stops where waiting in the wafting nicotine is most unpleasant. Although, I must admit, progress has been made and nobody smokes inside a bus anymore!

  4. And they're not supposed to smoke in bus shelters either. I look forward to a coalition government when the chancellor of the exchequer from the Green Party ups the tax on fags by £20 a packet......