Sunday, March 14, 2010

Timed Out

Yesterday [Saturday] at 16:47, whilst keeping an eye on the football scores, I sent the following email on behalf of the group and copied in our MP Lee Scott.

Dear MPs Harman and Denham,

Barkingside 21 is a local community and environment group based in the London Borough of Redbridge. Mr Denham will have met some of our members on his visit to this borough last month and indeed there were several of our members at the hustings a few years ago when Ms Harman visited along with John McDonnell. Our membership is drawn from across the political spectrum, we have members who are also known members of the Labour Party, the Conservative party, the Liberal Democrats and Greens and I expect that some of them will be standing for Council this coming May as they did in 2006. If they get elected they cease to be members - we like to keep our independence.

We have
supported the Local Works campaign for the Sustainable Communities Bill since the beginning so it is with much disappointment that we note that the Sustainable Communities Act Amendment Bill did not go through its final Commons stage successfully having been timed out. This bill is vital to ensure that local people and groups such as ourselves have the mechanisms to engage in the process of government and make government responsive to the very people it is there to serve.

We therefore ask you to do all you can to ensure the Bill receives the Parliamentary time it needs in order to become law before the General Election.

yours sincerely
At 16:49 I received an automated confirmation that my email had been received by Harriet Harman QC, Member of Parliament for Camberwell and Peckham. At 17:24 I received the following reply from Lee Scott.

Dear Alan
As you know this is not in my gift and I hope they will bring it forward. It is not in the business they have announced for next week and then we have the Budget and then a week on the finance bill from the Budget. It is then my guess they will dissolve parliament for election so it may not get back before election, if I am re elected I will push for it early in next parliament
Warmest Regards Lee

Somewhat better than the previous post innit!

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