Tuesday, March 30, 2010


When the Chairman of the Fairlop Heritage Group told me he had arranged for a Spitfire over at Fairlop Waters I thought he meant that the bar had got a new beer on tap and he was offering me a drink. Sadly not! But he did buy me a pint of Abbotts in the Fairlop Oak, which is where we were at the time.

What he was referring to was a full sized model [sic] of a WWII Spitfire fighter plane. James May of Top Gear fame put one together for his Television Programme 'Toy Stories' last year. That is some Airfix kit. They needed an aircraft hanger just to lay out the bits. They are made by Gateguards of Cornwall and it is they who will be bringing a Spitfire and exhibition to Fairlop waters on Saturday 8th May, the 65th Anniversary of VE Day. There will be food on sale and hopefully militaria stalls.

David is also hoping to arrange for a Veteran’s Tea Party but needs to raise some funds for this to go ahead. Contact David Martin on 07910 768560 for info and donations for the tea party.


  1. Shepherd & Neame's Spitfire was some time ago the "standard" house bitter at the Fairlop Oak, and very good it was. It was followed by Marston's Pedigree. Sadly neither of them is now available at the Oak, although both are still in production.

  2. If it were a serious proposition to raise funds for a replica aircraft at the entrance to F.W. then a Mustang would be a good choice as there were a lot of these at Fairlop and they tend to be under-represented elsewhere.

  3. It is actually a full size Replica Spitfire as against a Airfix kit as shown above although a full size bottle of spitfire is excellent!!!
    Also my mobile no is 07910 768560 not as given.To date there is a golf competition for serious golfers which starts at 0730. Barry Wallond aviation artist will be there with a replica cockpit and fairlop Heritage will be giving an accurate telling of heritage of the area with one or two militaria stalls. Fairlop Waters will be offering food and ice cream etc
    David Martin. Fairlop Heritage Group

  4. We of the Fairlop Waters Heritage Group are amazed that its taken 65 years for people to notice such an important site on our doorstep. This site played an important part in 2 World Wars and has been neglected. Last November 11th at 11am we had the first ever Remembrance Service there. Over 100 Ex and serving service personnel attended plus the Metropolitan Police, Lee Scott MP, and the Deputy Mayor and councillors. It will be repeated same time this year. This coming May 8th we are holding a VE Day celebration. Invited are Ex service personnel and current serving for tea & refreshments free down to the Fairlop Heritage Group. A full size Spitfire will be in attendance.

    Lets have less talk and more action to save this valuable site, come and join us on the day.

    Alan Harris
    Fairlop Heritage Group