Thursday, March 04, 2010

Scams of the Week

This afternoon I received an email from "PayPal" asking me to log in and confirm my account. It had managed to get through the BT spam filter. Well, I don’t have an account with PayPal and if I did I would not be using my Barkingside 21 email address, would I? So I did a bit of digging. This is the URL I was being directed to:
Note how it is not like this one, which is genuine and has the paypal name in it.
The email address from which this scam came from was this: Note how it is and NOT

The IP address of the incoming email was which is located in Saint Louise, United States [hardly] and is registered to [Virtual Design House]. Googling that gives their website but Norton Security doesn’t like it, so I didn't have a look.
Then I get a telephone call from “Enviro-Select”. They know my name and launch into their patter of “investing in Redbridge”. Apparently her database shows that some of my windows and doors need replacing. I ask how her database knows this and has she heard of the term GIGO [Garbage In - Garbage Out]. She hangs up. I love it when “they” hang up. I dial 1471 and it’s number withheld – surprise, surprise as Cilla would say!
Then my RSS feed alerts me to Redbridge council warning residents about a scam offering “free burglar alarm systems”. The alarm may be free but the maintenance contract is not.

Isn’t it ironic that a “company” offering free burglar alarms is actually a pick pocket trying to get it’s hands into your wallet, purse or bank account.

And the really worrying thing is this. That they persist means they are making money out of it.

ON GUARD. And pass the word on to those who may not be quite as cute as you.


  1. Another scam to be aware of is when a private parking company (NOT the police or council) issue a parking 'fine'. They do not actually have the legal authority to issue fines and you do not have to pay. They will harass you with a few letters then give up - they threaten court action etc but never follow it up, as they would lose.

  2. My wife gets all the banking e-mail spams - it never ceases to amaze her that some still purport to come from Abbey National, despite two name changes in recent years!

    I get all the cheap watch, drugs and sex aid offers ...

    I use Spam Cop to report these mails - it's much simpler than hacking through them yourself - and it's free.

    My ISP makes a pretty good job of spotting nearly all the spams and labels them accordingly so that all I have to do is set up a rule in my mail reader which automatically dumps them into my Junk folder, so I can see exactly what is going on.

    It only takes a few seconds to deal with each scam - just type§ [CTRL]U [CTRL]A [CTRL]C (View source, select all, copy) then paste it into Spam Cop and click Process Spam

    § These are the commands for Thunderbird. They may vary slightly for Windows Mail, Outlook Express, etc.

    This allows the contents of the mail, including all the important header information, to be read but does not run any code, so any malicious nasties in the mail are not activated.

    It can be very interesting to see where these scams originate - Brazil is quite common - and how many of the websites they try to direct you to are hosted on Chinese educational servers!

    You might say "Why bother?". My attitude is this: it only takes a few seconds; Spam Cop hides your details so that the report cannot be traced back to you and keeps statistical information on all spam it processes.

    This last part is, I think, very important. I would like to see ISPs blocking the most prevalent sources of spam, and the Spam Cop statistics show who the offenders are. If ISPs don't act on abuse reports, their honest subscribers will take their business elsewhere if their ISP is blocked so, either the ISP takes action or it goes bust!

  3. Scam of the week, The Secret Cabinet aka the Management Board - cost to the council tax payer, approx £2 million p.a. So the secret 'real' Cabinet, made up of 'professional' Officers who refuse to publish their minutes or papers.Unlike the elected Cabinet they are not subject to the same scrutiny as their elected counterparts.

  4. Enviroselect = number withheld

    What have they got to hide it for ?

  5. Found this via Google after getting a call from "Enviro Select" (I told them to get lost as my number is regsitered with the TPS). So it still sounds like this bunch of apparent scammers are active - just thought people might like to know.

  6. I have this afternoon had two phone calls from Enviro Select initially stating to be a Government agency. When challenged changing to a the status of a Government approved agency.
    The offer was for a survey for solar heating and solar electricity generation - especially in IG6!
    I have reported it to the Trading Standards Agency. I did a 1471 but the number is withheld.

  7. have just had a call from enviroselect - when I told them my number was part of the TPS the young man calling himself Daniel became rude said that he wouldn't have my number if it was aprt of the TPS so it couldn't be would not give me his supervisor to speak to or a number to call websearch found 'Sumi Oetomo -0433 091 586' 'Yi-Wen Chin -0411 523 956' The young man who phoned had a typical south England voice with giggling in the background

  8. I've just told them I'm TPS and been hung up on abruptly. They initially confirmed it was me then asked to speak to Mr C. So, sexist as well as everything else they might be.

  9. Just had a second call from enviroselect wanting an appointment to sell me an air flow product, they say they are investing in the UB7 area, this is now looking like a scam.

  10. Had a scamming email from
    pretending to be paypal, as follows :-

    You sent a payment

    Transaction ID: 3VZ8876xxxxxxxxxH
    Dear customer,

    You sent a mobile payment for £54.30 GBP to Lucy Atashsokhan. A message has been sent to the recipient asking to accept or refuse the payment.

    Please note that it may take a little while for this payment to appear in the Recent Activity list on your Account Overview.

    View the details of this transaction online

    Amount: £54.30 GBP
    Sent on: 07 June 2013
    Yours sincerely,

    It comes from a website

    don't know how it works but its definitely not from paypal

    1. Given up using Paypal. Other people also appear to have been fleeced.

    2. I Forward these to - the more they receive the more likely they are to do something

  11. i opened a scam email proported to be from paypay it looked really genuine it named a lucy atashsokhan a few days later 4,588 pounds had been taken out of my bank account it was paid out to a travel agents for a holiday . SO BEWARE I GOT MY MONEY BACK AS I WAS ALSO INSURED YOU MIGHT NOT BE SO LUCKY:::::::::::::::::::