Thursday, March 04, 2010

Redbridge Womens Conference

Next Monday is 8th March and as we all know 8th March is International Women’s Day. But here in Redbridge it’s a day late on Tuesday 9th March. We’re rebels here and we don’t conform.

The Redbridge Faith Forum has arranged for a Women’s Conference to facilitate dialogue and promote understanding between women of different faiths and backgrounds. There will be workshops specifically for the women, but the general event is open to everyone and both men and women will be welcome.

The conference is an annual event and provides an ideal opportunity for us all to discuss topics that are highly relevant to our lives today.

The details are as follows :
Women's Conference
Tuesday 9th March 2010
The Gloucester Room
Ilford Central Library

Registration 6.45pm. Programme from 7pm - 9pm

The theme of the Conference is :
"Harmony in the Home? How do we cope with the stress?"

In an ideal world our home is a place of safety, a sanctuary where we can experience the peace, love and harmony that keeps us balanced and focussed. However, many external, and often internal factors, can lead to this harmony being disturbed. What are these factors? And how do we cope with the stress, which can so easily upset the delicate balance of family life?

There are three excellent speakers, who will each give us an insight into the topic, share their experiences and stimulate good discussion.

Rani Raju - Redbridge Carers Support Service
Pamela Wilson - Relate
Joan Findlay - Hear and Now

The audience will then be invited to participate in a question and answer session, which will be closely followed by group discussions and an open forum discussion on the topic. Light refreshments will be served during the course of the evening giving the participants a chance to network and socialise. It promises to be an informative and exciting event!

For further information please contact Saira Yakub: Email or Phone: 020 8708 2478

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