Saturday, March 06, 2010

Pool Simmering

I am concerned it would appear that since the December [2009] meeting in the Town Hall with the two relevant Cabinet Members and Council Officials our pool replacement campaign has gone ‘off the boil’. The reasons for this being that there has been little to report, and we awaited [in mid-February] the feasibility study regarding the suitability of either Seven Kings trailer park or Cricklefields as the site for a replacement pool [more later].

At a leisure scrutiny meeting [in January] I echoed the sentiments in the above paragraph and assured those present that there was no lack of resolve, and we eagerly awaited the study’s recommendations.

In this year’s Council Budget there is a proposed five-year saving projection for a new leisure and library facility in Seven Kings resulting in 2015 with a balance of £25m.

In February at an Area 4 meeting I said that although we welcomed something being done, we regretted that the earliest we could expect a replacement being opened was 2016!

We also asked how [since it was due any day now] the feasibility was progressing? You can guess my irritation when told that due to circumstances outside the council’s control the earliest date would be June [this year!]

After that I ‘phoned Keith Prince [Council Leader] who confirmed the delay, added his disappointment and assured us of his support .

A five-year haul is a long time to keep the pressure on especially when you’re getting on a bit.

John Sharrock
Chairman, Redbridge Swimmers Association

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