Thursday, March 11, 2010

NHS gets Homeopathy Treatment

I recently offered a Homeopathy user a pint of Homeopathic beer. That is, I buy them a pint of beer, drink it myself, and then wash the glass out several times with ‘vigorous shaking’, fill it up with tap water and give it to them to drink. This process of dilution and ‘potentization’ seems to be what the NHS commissars are doing with the North East London Health review of services.

Here’s Dopeyf on the subject picked up as a comment over on Redbridge Eye.

The Health for North East London document is a document full of statements some of which are simply unbelievable, some outright untruths, and many simply spin.

Here are some examples:-

The first thing is on Page 4 "North East London - a whole system approach" except in small type at the bottom it says "this review did not specifically address these [mental health] services", and now we also know dental services. What happened to a whole system approach? – FAILED.

On Page 6 "We want patients arriving at Urgent Care Services or Accident & Emergency to be assessed by a senior doctor in LESS THAN AN HOUR (My Capitals). Those who have been to Queens or Whipp’s Cross would be entitled to think that this was written by those in need of the missing Mental Health services.

On Page 14 "Six Maternity units in North East London is not a feasible option" and on Page 15 "Birth rates are some of the highest in the UK" - their arguments defy their own logic!

On to Page 16 "Some services are not good enough" - I have to congratulate the author for his/her disregard of the obvious - out of 72 categories only 4 are better than other trusts in England. Homerton, Overall Quality Mark and Use of Resources and Barts Mortality Ratio, none of which relate directly to illness.

Progressing to Page 22 "Moving King George A&E and Maternity services would for most people add less than 4 minutes to ambulance times and 11 minutes for private vehicles" - I am not even prepared to comment on this ridiculous outright flight of fancy.

Swiftly on to Page 27 "We estimate that moving Accident & Emergency Critical Care and Maternity Services from King George to Newham, Queens and Whipp’s Cross will save some £21 million that could be invested in improving other services". Whilst the Trust has a £75million deficit the likelihood of this is exactly zero, and this saving, depriving us of reasonably local services, is unlikely ever to be used for this purpose.

Now we come to the real reason:
Currently Accident & Emergency facilities typically serve an area of under 250,000 people, but NHS organisations are pressing ahead with plans to close down A&Es, saying that they have been instructed to by the Department of Health. If A&Es are forced to serve 450,000 people, (as we are being asked to do) this would mean cuts of 17 departments across London. The plans also fly in the face of recommendations by clinicians. There is no clinical reason, only that of finance.


  1. Do you REALLY treat beer like that, or are you taking the ****?

  2. Not original, though - it was a manufacturing feature for Grotneys.

    [NB: security word is "pavissed"!!

  3. I thought that I was in favour of homeopathy, but not this style.

    This sounds like a decision has been made, and now officials are trying to craete a scenario which would justify what they want to do.

    Maybe the hospital is in need of medical care itself, as it sounds like its been poisoned by pen pushers and is now seriously ill.