Friday, March 12, 2010

Junk Buster

Redbridge Council advises that we can now recycle our Yellow Pages and telephone directories in with our normal paper recycling. But do we want them in the first place?

Ever since I found the "Say No to Phone Books" site some time ago I have been meaning to follow up and find out if there is a way to stop these being delivered. But I forgot to go back and check. Now it seems there is – Junk Buster. You can opt out and this site, kindly highlighted by Redbridge Council in today’s news release, helps you do it.

There is also a petition on the Number 10 site, but it expires on 29th March 2010. I would have plugged it earlier had I known. However, the additional information is quite revealing:

75 million phonebooks are produced and delivered each year, amounting to an estimated 75,000 tonnes of annual waste, enough to cover Hyde Park twice! Add in the cost of manufacturing, delivering and recycling phone books, this equals a totally unnecessary and avoidable environmental burden. The estimated amount of resources wasted include:
• 680,000 barrels of oil (not including petrol wasted during delivery)
• 2 billion litres of water (not including water wasted in the recycling process)
• 437 million kilowatts of energy (not including the recycling process) equates to enough energy to power 112,000 three bedroom houses for a year
From production to recycling, 75,000 tonnes of phonebooks equates to 96,000 metric tonnes of wasted carbon emissions!
We're asking for a centralised opt-in system for phonebooks, giving the UK population the choice to reduce the cost of producing unwanted and un-needed phonebooks.
As we always say here: Reduce before you recycle.

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