Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Interview – Julian Leppert

This is the second of a series of interviews with the Leaders/Spokesmen of five local political parties published in the order that they were received. UKIP did not respond to the invitation.

Julian Leppert is the lone British National Party councillor in Redbridge.

What are the main priorities for Redbridge over the next 4 years?

Our priority for Redbridge is to ensure the North, East and West of the borough do not embrace the same terrible fate as the South, and remain majority British. We must also ensure that urbanisation and overdevelopment of Redbridge is curtailed as far as is humanly possible, so that the `leaf` logo recently introduced and the `better place to live` slogans do not become mocking parodies of the truth, as the borough turns progressively into an overcrowded concrete ghetto.

What do you see as the most difficult challenges facing the new administration?

The most difficult challenge facing Redbridge in the immediate future, is repeating this years 0% council tax increase (which is not currently projected to happen according to this years budget), while maintaining council services to the same degree of quality, and doing this in the face of what I call `the California effect` ie; As levels of `diversity` increase in a geographical location and life becomes progressivley less bearable for the original residents, an ever increasing percentage of the area's most economically productive, law-abiding and tax paying section of the population decide to pack their bags and flee. This leaves the area Authority with big holes in its budget and ever decreasing tax revenues paying for more and more services, as productive `givers` are replaced with needy or anti-social `takers`. In the case of the American State of California the end result is fiscal bankrupcy compounded by endless social problems caused by having a fractured and balkanised community. The challange for Redbridge is to stop and reverse this trend in the coming years, so that the worst-case-scenario described here does not play itself out, albeit on a much smaller geographical scale.

How important is co-operation and consensus between all parties in running a council?

As somebody who loves their country, I have no desire for any kind of `consensus` with politicians from the Labour, Conservative, or Liberal-Democrat parties. However, as far as `co-operation` is concerned, the delicate political balance of the current council and the distinct possibility of `no overall control` for the next four years means that should my party find ourselves with a bit of voting power and clout in Redbridge after May 6, we would certainly hope to use it to defend the interests of the borough's long suffering residents. If I can achieve anything of benefit for local people by way of negotiation with the Lib-Lab-Con parties, then I will sit down with them or the devil himself if I have to, and smile sweetly at them while I`m doing it.

Assuming you are in opposition, on what single issue would you most like to influence the council, and why?

I would like to ensure that any big spending project proposals benefit people all over the borough - not just Ilford. If Redbridge is able to afford a new pool or Leisure center in the near future (which seems unlikely without some pretty serious outside funding), then I'd like to see such facilities located somewhere where everybody in Redbridge feels safe and comfortable using them, day or night. I met a man in Hainault recently, a keen Theatre-goer, who told me he won't visit the Kenneth Moore Theatre at night anymore (only afternoon matinae performances) because Ilford is now just too dangerous and unpleasant to visit after the sun goes down.

What do you consider to be realistically achievable over the next 4 years?

i`m afraid the immediate future for municiple governance in Redbridge will be one of crisis management and damage limitation. However, I hope my party will achieve a sufficient level of influence to inject a bit of common sense into this process, until such time as real political change happens, and we can start working to build a better future for the people of Redbridge - and Britain.

Which environmental/community issues are of most concern and how would you deal with them?

Again, we need to curtail excessive housing development and urbanisation to mitigate the worst effects of this process such as overpopulation, pollution, traffic grid-lock and the seemingly endless parking controversies that councillors and officers have to deal with, and robustly defend our precious green belt land. Or, as the the ironically-named `Conservative` Party said so elequently in their 1998 Redbridge Council Elections leaflet: "We oppose plans to build on the green belt, allotments, parks, and other open spaces. These are not an optional extra, but are vital to the character and quality of the area". The difference being though of course, my party means it!

Which business/economic issues are of most concern and how would you deal with them?

Reducing or at least not increasing business rates of council tax would go a long way towards decreasing the amount of shops and businesses going to the wall in the borough, and some extra help for shops which are not in popular `prime locations` would be desirable, although not necesarilly affordable given present pressure on the councils budget. Shops on the South side of George Lane, South Woodford for example seem to go bust at much higher rates than those on the North side, and of course the near impossibility of finding somewhere to park sometimes is killing our high streets by putting off shoppers. Barkingside being a good example of this. If my party were in national government, then the Supermarket giants would be effectively subsidising, to a much greater extent, our high street shops as well as our farming industry through the tax system instead of just being allowed to move in and squeeze out local shopkeepers. Like so many things in Britain, we might only realise the value and the unique character of our shopping parades on the High Street, after we have lost them forever... Another big issue at the moment is the Gants Hill roadworks. I`m sure it will be great when finished, but could it not have been completed by now by compressing the time it takes to complete the project with multiple shifts through the night, or two 16-hour shifts every day? Perhaps the cost of that was prohibitve, but its not in my ward so somebody else can worry about it!

What one thing could central Government do to make the job of running a local authority easier?

Not sure if `easier` is the right word, but I would like to see greater decision-making powers over schools and local education authorities devolved down to local councils, and elected representatives, and by extension, to local parents and pupils.

If elected what would you wish to be judged on after 4 years?

Redbridge British National Party are not taking anything for granted in terms of who gets elected or re-elected in May, but by the time of the 2014 locals elections, I would like us (assuming there is an `us` on Redbridge Council and not just a `me`) to be judged on our success, or otherwise in:
1. Forcing the `mainstream` local politicians to confront the appalling truth over what they have helped to do to the London Borough of Redbridge, and take steps to limit some of the damage.
2. Ensuring that council tax revenues are spent wisely, extravagance and waste is reduced as far as possible, and that the other councillors fear the public exposure we will subject them to if they waste public money on anything too outrageous or politically correct. And...
3. Inspiring more local residents with the courage to speak honestly about whats wrong with Redbridge, and to be resolute, defiant and fearless when the council wants to impose something on them they don't want, or take something away from them that they do want.


  1. Relocate facilities away from Ilford because people don't feel safe there at night? Leppert is using "majority British" when he means "majority White" (I say that because I'm quite confident that the majority of Ilford residents are entitled to a British passport and *are* British). Leppert is simply wrong to imply that Ilford residents are unsafe to be around at night because they are not "majority British". Any historian of London can tell you about the "majority British" East End of Victorian times and how lawless it was. How would the BNP have explained that, I wonder? The BNP have no good reason to explain why they differentiate between crime depending on who commits it.

    Well, I hope there is no "us", and ideally no "I" for the BNP on Redbridge Council. I don't think he they can help the disadvantaged communities they say they want to help.

    It would be good if Julian Leppert really did seek an active electorate in Redbridge, but oh look, the man has managed to show us one of the tiny number of situations where "honesty" is not a virtue. To the BNP, honesty means acting out your prejudices and feeling good about ignorance. The BNP take a good quality like honesty and twist it out of all recognition.

    Note that Julian Leppert cannot, himself, come clean about his party's views on who it thinks should or should not have a home here, and the kind of support that has attracted. He has to hint about it. But BNP supporters make it clear enough, and the candidates just can't help leaking their real views.

    Watch out if, like Nobel Prize Winner and very-white-looking James Watson, who thought that black people were less intelligent than white people, you allow your DNA to be tested and discover - my word - you're substantially African and substantially Asian, despite all appearances.
    If you're the BNP, that's your entire ideology screwed.

    There is no such thing as pure race or pure culture. That's because we get around so much - we always have (and we came from Africa). The logic of the BNP is that we should never leave our locality. What a hell that would be. We'd soon find out the meaning of overcrowding.

    Remember, the BNP do well when the turnout is low. If you're tempted not to vote, then ask yourself (as Richard Herring does is his very good stand-up show 'Hitler Moustache', where he harries his audience to vote at all costs to keep the BNP out) "Is there really nobody on that ballot you prefer to the BNP?"

  2. Another shooting in Ilford Lane this afternoon.

    That's the matinae performances gone!

  3. And what is your point, Anonymous?

    I can't imagine ever being worried about walking round in Ilford at night.

    Had a bit of a shout at a bunch of kids on the back of the bus on the way back, for playing music. But having read Leppert's dire statements above, I couldn't get as worked up as I usually do - it was a bunch of white and black kids hanging out together and I was pleased to witness the BNP's nightmare in the flesh. Still, there's only so much you can forgive. And my ally that evening was a doughty woman who, if I had to guess, was from the Caribbean.

    The BNP are so muddled.

  4. Dear Mira
    The view of Councilor Lepperts friend that “Ilford is now just too dangerous and unpleasant to visit after the sun goes down” is whether you like it or not a commonly held view in the north of the borough. Look at the crime statistics. My point was that the report in the Ilford Recorder yesterday now somewhat dubious could put off these people during daylight hours too.

    It is not a race issue it is a crime and safety issue as understood by visitors. It has nothing to do with the people who live there but that it is a Town Centre and that is where most crime happens simply because Town Centres attract the sort of vistors who cause trouble. It is the same in Romford, Gants Hill, South Woodford etc. if you care to read the local papers.

    Why is it when the BNP say anything it is twisted into racism? Councilor Lepperts view that he’ed “like to see such facilities located somewhere where everybody in Redbridge feels safe and comfortable using them, day or night.” does not rule out Ilford or any other place if the troublemakers problem is dealt with properly by the Police and the PC brigade let them do there job.

  5. I dislike being on the streets of Debden after dark - never know what kind of person you may be unlucky enough to meet/

  6. To fleshisgrass:
    I am sorry, but how can you compare Victorian crime to what we have to suffer now? For a start, Victorian crime was a means of survival for the poor, a dreadful time of starvation disease and destitution. We have imported ours, which is totally different. Years ago, I don’t remember having to lock our car, our shed, our garage or our conservatory for that matter. It really started to escalate after Labour came to power. If as we are told, people are happy with what has become of London and the East End in particular (it now recembles a war zone), then why have most of the indigenous Brits left? As for Julian Leppert, I respect him for many reasons. Unfortunately we are not in his ward, but I know several people who are, and we have met him through them. To say their view of him is positive is an understatement. Although Ilford North is safer than Ilford South, a while back an 80yr old gentleman was mugged in Manford Way by black lads after he had collected his pension. When he told the DWP what had happened, he was told they could only loan him the money until his next payment. Mr. Leppert not only replaced his pension in full, he had a whip-round, meaning John ended up with more than he had lost. He still checks on him regularly to this day. Mr. Leppert is well liked and respected by everyone who has dealings with him. And given the anger towards our political elite, that is pretty special really.

  7. @'fleshisgrass' aka a Searchlight stooge rebiliing the usual claptrap plus 'a link' to expose what the BNP really are.
    All commnents of people who try to pretend there is no crime problem in any part of London is laughable,and even more laughable is the way they try and make us believe this mega-crime wave,which shows no sign of abating is not due to mass immigration. Roll on the elections,Mr Leppert speaks well for his party,and I hope he has more joining him after May.

    Regards 'Agenda 21',this blog's namesake-

    "Agenda 21 Sustainable Development. This worldwide program agreed upon by 178 nations, including the United States, reveals the directive that human population is to be decreased by 85% (United Nations; Global Biodiversity Assessment Report, page 673). This policy has appealed to many who argue “overpopulation.” Accordingly, says the consensus, everyone’s “right to life” must be discarded in order to achieve globalist objectives.It masquerades behind the facade of ’sustainable development.’ And just how,pray tell do you think Rothschild's United Nations is planning about de-populising the planet? Chemtrails, 'swine-flu',crime on the streets, illegal wars etc.

  8. Anonymous @ 26 March, 2010 14:28 asks:
    "Why is it when the BNP say anything it is twisted into racism?"
    A. See above comment.

    The "Agenda 21" comment is taken from a conspiracy archive website and has no basis or credibility.

  9. 'The "Agenda 21" comment is taken from a conspiracy archive website and has no basis or credibility.'
    Whereas your perspective of global governance and de-population does have a basis or credibility? Coming from proven liars in professional politics, lies about the Iraq War,lies about exspenses,lies about bungs,lies about holidays,lies about global warming,lies about immigration figures, lies about a referendum in the EU. And yet you choose to believe these bunch of professional snake-oil peddlers when they talk of the 'benefits of diversity' and a 'one world government?'

  10. Victoria,
    I challenge you to find any evidence on this site of our “perspective of global governance and de-population” and where we believe professional politicians without it being backed up by documented evidence as opposed to, as in your case, prejudice or hatred.

  11. Goodbye Julian Leppert. No BNP in Redbridge as of May 2010. As it should be. Not that the Council doesn't have its work cut out on homes, healthcare and local economy. And feeling safe at night. Let's look to a BNP-free future now.

  12. Happily the British Nazi Party have bitten the proverbial dust just about everywhere locally where they were either contesting or defending seats.

    At parliamentary level I think that comments just over a year ago from Margaret Hodge attracted the BNP leader to her constituency, but the voters were sensible enough to beat him into quite a poor third place. So good riddance to the lot of them - they should never have emerged even temporarily from the damp obscurity beneath the stones they normally inhabit.

  13. The fact is, irrespective of who lives in Ilford, the place is a lot more dangerous than other parts of Redbridge. In Wanstead its mainly English, not British, I mean English, which means white people. Ilford is crime ridden & mainly non English live there. Wanstead isnt so crime ridden yet mainly English live there. explain that lefties??

  14. Anon,
    There are very few "lefties" round here but I will attempt to answer your question.

    If you look at the crime map for Redbridge you will find that most crime is committed in town centres. Ilford Town Centre is the worst followed by Gants Hill, George Lane South Woodford, Barkingside and Wanstead High Streets.

    The point is that town centres and High Streets attract criminals and crime. By and large the people who cause the trouble don't live there.

    In fact very few people actually live in Ilford Town Centre. The residential area to the south of Ilford Town Centre [where all the brown people live] has crime levels comparable with all the other residential areas like Wanstead, Clayhall, etc.

    So, you might like to actually look at the evidence before reaching conclusions. It might just help your case, or then it may not.