Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fairlop Fly-Tipper

Last week our very own Aldborough Detective, Ron Jeffries, donned his deerstalker hat, made sure he had a camera and magnifying glass in his pocket and set off on the mysterious case of the Phantom Fairlop Flytipper, having been tipped off himself by a neighbour.

He set out about 10:00am to walk as far as Barkingside Station. Having found the evidence on the Bridleway by Aldborough Hatch Farm it was duly photographed and examined for clues as to who this mysterious person or persons might be. Obviously someone who likes to write and sleep, there being a desk and a bed. Or maybe they no longer have any use for those items. I shall leave the analysis to the Master himself. The back up team [Redbridge Council] were called into action to have the offending items removed.

It being a nice day our sleuth continued his walk across Fairlop Waters to Fairlop Station. On his journey he encountered more evidence of strange activity over there. Some rustic gateways have been erected along the Bridleway from Aldborough Hatch to Barkingside - on the Station Road stretch. This means that walkers can now access Fairlop Waters from the South with ease. Also he noted that the metal gate and padlock were in place on Station Road - stopping folk driving onto Aldborough Hatch Farm and fly-tipping there. Onwards across Fairlop Waters taking great care to avoid flying golf balls, clubs and irons.

At the western entrance on Forest Road there was more mysterious activity including building a new pedestrian pathway running inside the hedge on Forest Road up to the Nursery. Not quite as far as Fairlop Station but there are plans to put some form of zebra crossing where the path ends. This to be discussed at Area 3 and 4 Committees next week. Chapter 2 later, when Dr Watson enters the story.

Fairlop Fly Tipping, neatly arranged as if an Art form.

Rustic Gateway to the south

Rustic Padlock
Rustic Gate
Another rustic gate
The same rustic gate viewed from other direction
Man on golf course
Dog taking man for walk
Canada Geese
Looking towards Claybury
The new pathway to Fairlop Station


  1. Regular fly tipping seems to be a real problem for the Hainault Road Allotment Society (as has been discussed many times at various Allotment Forum meetings and other related meetings.)
    More than once, I have reported myself mattresses dumped in the entrance gates of the Allotment along Mossford Lane or along the pavement. Each time Streetscene are brilliant at collecting the offending material and keep the borough as pristine as possible. I am sure that all efforts are made to secure a conviction but when council money is scarce and putting a case together is expensive whilst fines are low, the ignorers of the law are on a winning streak!

  2. Flytipping is a major bug bear of mine! We have an allotment on Hainault Road in Chadwell Heath and we get flytipping constantly. Council officers must feel they are facing a uphill battle, as they do a good job in clearing up - but these selfish g1ts do it anyway! Is it that hard to go to Jenkins Lane, Rinaham Rd North or Chigwell Rd (all nearby to residents in Redbridge) to dispose of your household rubbish?! Kevin Madden, Chadwell Heath

  3. I have requested that the alleyways round by Horace Road in Barkingside to be cleared of litter and rubbish. Also, the slip road past Charlie Brown's roundabout leading towards Waterworks Corner is full of litter. Again, I have asked the Council to remove that.