Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fair Trade Redbridge

2 billion working people in the world's poorest countries earn less than £1 a day. Many of them produce the everyday goods we put in our shopping baskets. You can help make sure they get a fair price for their work and allow them to invest in healthcare, education and their local environment. When you're shopping, look out for the logo below left.

You may have already noticed it on chocolate, tea, and coffee, as well as bananas, oranges, sugar, rice and even flowers and cotton clothing - the range is growing day by day. This logo tells you that the product, or a significant ingredient, has been certified by the Fairtrade Foundation, a formal labelling scheme which sets fair standards for producer and trader relationships. Redbridge has been a Fairtrade borough since 2008 and with your help we can maintain this status. Buy Fairtrade products and ask for them where you work, shop and eat.

Mira, Retail Correspondent.

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