Sunday, March 14, 2010


This morning [Sunday] I received the following email from DocBlaster:

Your message

To: Mayor
Subject: Invitation
Sent: Mon, 2 Oct 2006 14:40:19

was deleted without being read on Sun, 14 Mar 2010 10:32:21
I checked my archive and it was an invitation to the London Mayor, then Ken Livingstone, using the public email address as advertised on the GLA website, to our Climate Change event on Saturday 28th October 2006.

I must admit that it was a bit tongue in cheek and I did not for one moment expect him to attend or even reply, but I did expect it to be read. I am now wondering how many other Londoners have received a similar email today and whether that will influence their voting intentions in 2012, or indeed imminently?

UPDATE: Received today [Monday] from GLA Service Desk
Due to an error occurring during routine system maintenance, you may have received an email yesterday from "" wrongly saying that an email you had sent to the Greater London Authority had been deleted without being read. We apologise if you were sent this erroneous message, and want to reassure you that your email would have been read and dealt with at the time it was received and that all correspondence to the Mayor and the Greater London Authority is dealt with within 20 working days.
So, that's that then!


  1. I had one of those today as well, from an email I sent in 2007. Looks like today's the day they have their clearout of all the mail nobody bothered to read. Doesn't give you much faith in the system, does it?

  2. Today I've had a numbert of DocBlazer not-reads. Strangely, a few of these were answered by Red Ken's public liason officer. I certainly remember a reply to my quibble about London's lost loos.

  3. Ex Mayor KL was well known to be averse to engaging with the Outer London Boroughs.

  4. I that note that "all correspondence to the Mayor and the Greater London Authority is dealt with within 20 working days".
    Now that is very, very interesting - but more than that I will not say at this moment in time (as they say!). I will, however, come back later this week if I may - for at that stage I could well have something to add. My apologies for the mystery.
    Ron Jeffries
    Chairman, Aldbnorough Hatch Defence Association