Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Boris Consults on Climate Change

From Boris:

Climate change is happening.
What will London do to adapt?

Whether you believe in climate change or not, the evidence tells us that London is going to get hotter, drier and be at greater risk of flooding.

I've published a draft of my Climate Change Adaptation Strategy, detailing my plans to ensure that London adapts to the challenges and takes advantage of the opportunities that it will create for our great city.But adapting to climate change isn't just about what government will do, it's also about what Londoners are prepared to do. So this is a call to all Londoners - have your say and tell me what you think Londoners should be doing. Want to know more? Watch the video.

Here's the link.


  1. Ah well.
    This post arose due to a Media Communications Officer at City Hall spotting an inaccuracy in the title of the previous post within an hour of of it being published and sending an email to that effect with a strapline referring to the video. Later in the afternoon Judith also sent me a notice on the same.

  2. Sorry - "and another" means and another not [yet] published on the Assembly Member's blog.

  3. Oh, Boris! After a lifetime of voting labour, I voted for what appeared to be Boris's commonsense approach.

    My hopes are now in ruins.

    There can be little doubt that global warming is a fact because global warming and cooling has been affecting this planet since time began, long before the invention of the internal combustion engine or energy efficient light bulbs. This is unequivocal, and the fact has always been completely ignored by the ‘man-made’ advocates. For every ‘eminent scientist’ you find who prophesies the world will end if we don’t abandon our cars and scrap all our aeroplanes, there are many equally qualified people who have ridiculed the theory.

    Compared to the awesome power of nature, in the scheme of things it is presumptuous and arrogant to suggest that anything as puny as human action can affect the natural cycle of, or indeed halt, climate changes. It is also ludicrous to imagine that the population of the United Kingdom, this tiny speck of land on the surface of the globe, can make the most infinitesimal difference to world climate if we all walk to Spain on holiday, use energy saving light bulbs or drive five miles a week less. (How much taxpayers’ money is being wasted on that advertising campaign, I wonder?)

    Incidentally, the only effect of using low energy light bulbs – except perhaps for a marked deterioration in everyone’s eyesight - is that eventually we'll all be using less electricity. What a mixed blessing that is, because it will result in a significant loss of revenue and therefore profit for the power companies and then they'll just increase their prices again, and they will continue to do so, far into the future, unless of course global warming means we'll eventually need no more artificial heating.

    I’ve also noticed a not-so-subtle change in the direction of global warming propaganda. When I pointed out the self-evident fact that this has been one of the coldest winters in history, both in the UK and in many other parts of the world, one climate-change/global warming religionist insisted to me that ‘of course, that’s what global warming does’.

    As it gets warmer it gets colder, dunnit!

    The ‘man-made climate change’ enthusiasts are fond of referring to non-believers as ‘Flat-Earthers’. Since climate changes have always happened and are a continuous and unstoppable force of nature, in the circumstances, I suppose the ‘man-made’ theorists could be considered to be Canutians.

  4. Oh, Alfred! Did you actually listen to what Boris said?