Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Assembly Consults on City Airport

From the Greater London Assembly website:

Are extra flights at London City Airport affecting you? The Assembly's Environment Committee is looking at the environmental impacts of the expansion and wants your views.

The investigation will look at environmental impacts like noise, emissions and air quality, and whether the current environmental safeguards and controls are adequate. The Committee is keen to hear how the extra flights are impacting on local people.

A public meeting will be held at City Hall on 10th June 2010 when the Committee hopes to hear people’s views on the expansion of the airport and the environmental controls currently in place. In the meantime, please complete our survey.



  1. Thankyou for this B21. A pity that such a vitally important matter does not appear as yet to merit any mention on the blog of our own London Assembly Member.

  2. You need to thank "Tony" who gave me the tip via email.