Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Today’s Erection

The new notice board erected in Atherton Road today. There should be two more, one at Fullwell Parade and one at the Unicorn but I’ve not investigated down there yet. What do you think?

Area 3’s contribution to street clutter? Two new valuable posts for dogs to pee up? A place to find out what your local councillors look like [before their photos acquire moustaches and beards]? A place for advertising local community events? A vandalism target? Discuss.


  1. Advertising Area matters in various locations is a very good idea since not everybody yet is connected to the valuable redbridgei website.
    One little question: who is going to keep the display of information up-to-date?
    A paid-for council officer or a willing member of the community?

  2. I understand that our 3 ward councillors have volunteered to look after one board each - until May 6th!

  3. Oh heavens, wait till Ann Candy finds out about your quip re Fullwell Councillors acquiring mustaches and beards.......

    I'll start writing your obituary tomorrow!

  4. I meant their photos being vandalised by the local comedians.

  5. Nick Hayes (Fullwell Ward)11:30 pm, February 17, 2010

    None of us particularly like photos of ourselves or being photograhed so opportunities for adding beards and blacking out teeth are likely to be limited to a copy of the council leaflet telling Fullwell residents that we hold regular surgeries on the third Saturday of every month from 10am -11.30 at Trinity Hall in Mossford Green.

    On a more serious note, anyone with appropriate notices about local events etc which are suitable for the noticeboards please get in touch and Ann, Harold and I will put them in (well, we will once we are provided with the keys).

  6. So how did those notices that appeared this evening get in there?

  7. Tut-tut, have you never heard of matter transporters, B21? How do you think Capt Kirk and his team were able to whizz about from ship to planet without them?

    Really, your knowledge of up-to-date science is shockingly poor.

  8. Nick Hayes (Fullwell Ward)3:45 pm, February 18, 2010

    Either that or whoever has the keys and hasn't given them to Harold, Ann and me yet put them in.

  9. ..or somebody has picked the lock?

  10. Fullwell now has four Community Notice Boards which are located:-
    Atherton Road on the green opposite the shops
    Clayhall Ave Opposite the shops adjacent Unicorn Public House
    Fullwell Avenue Adjacent Fullwell Parade shops next to the Recycling
    Fremantle Rd Adjacentthe junction with Barkingside High St

    If any of your members wish to display a notice of a local event
    Please contact Cllr Moth on
    0208 708 9664

  11. Pardon me for being picky but there is something in the previous comment which annoys me, and not just here!

    The post implies that, to contact Cllr Moth, a local resident should dial 708 9664 but someone outside the Greater London telephone area (such as Romford) or using a mobile should also dial the code 0208.


    Cllr Moth's number is 8708 9664 and the code is 020.

    Why, oh why, do so many people seem to think that London has a vast range of dialling codes? We could end up one day with all of these mythical codes: 0202, 0203, 0204, 0205, 0206, 0207, 0208 & 0209 when, in reality, there will only be one: 020.

    The number itself comprises 8 digits; at present, the first digit can be either 3, 7 or 8 but it could be extended to encompass the entire range from 2 to 9 in the future.

    I recently 'phoned a local company and was asked for my number, which I gave as 8765 4321. "So that's 0208 8765 ..." was the response!

    Pretty, pretty please: it's a long time now since we change the numbering system - isn't about time we got it right?

  12. On Notice Boards some are 'manned' (and no I'm not PC) - by local residents and others have Ward Cllrs looking after them - that's the whole point, there is no regulation but relying on time, energy and goodwill of those named who do it - and no I am not blowing my own trumpet because of 'my board' at the junction of Horns Rd/Princes Rd. I find great difficulty with the Board as when you prise the darn thing open - it opens to a height that is not made for half pints like myself.