Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Reuse and Recycle

New Tetrapak recycling facility at Craven Gardens Car Park

When the super dooper automatic recycling machine appeared at Barkingside Tescos the existing low tech recycling bins for paper, tin cans, tetrapaks, glass and plastic bottles disappeared. We presumed that they had been reused in other locations but the one for Tetrapaks remained elusive and we don’t know where it has got to. Now there is another hi-tech whiz bang recycling facility at Tescos in Goodmayes, their Tetrapak bin is to be relocated and reused at Craven Gardens Car Park as from today. I wonder where the other one went?

New Green Garden Waste Bags

Also this week, hereabouts, we have had delivered to our doors brand new Green Garden Waste bags. Last year, as part of a trial, residents on the Wanstead and Woodford collection days (Tuesday and Wednesday) were given a reusable green bag to present their garden waste. These bags proved popular with residents and made the collection process more efficient. This year, the rest of the properties in the Borough will be delivered one of these green bags in addition to the leaflet (the properties that received a bag last year will just get the leaflet). Except I did get a green bag last year, so now I’ve got two.

The scheduled green waste collection service starts again on 29th March and runs through to 29th October. In the meantime you can still book a collection.

Last year, through the scheduled service, Redbridge collected over 4 times the amount of garden waste at the kerbside than previously. This has made a significant contribution to ensuring the Borough is on course to hit its recycling targets of 27.5% in 2009/10 and 30% in 2010/11. At present, the recycling rate is 32.5%. Gold Star.


  1. We have hundreds of pvc outer sleeves for 12" records to dispose of for free - any takers out there?

    B21 has my contact details.

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