Thursday, February 11, 2010

Insulation Scams

For some weeks now I have been plagued with telephone calls from “UK Government Grants Department”, asking me questions about my loft insulation. It seems I am not alone and one of our readers has contacted our MP, Lee Scott, who has checked out the relevant government dept. and they seem to know nothing about it. Not surprised there.

1. the calling number is withheld
2. I am on the Telephone Preference Service so should not get cold called by Government departments
3. If you ask to speak to the supervisor they hang up
4. If you ask for an internet reference they don’t have one – such government initiatives are always on the internet.

There is also a local scam warning from the Council, which may be related as sometimes the bogus callers had telephoned in advance.

If residents have any doubts or queries about any energy efficiency matters or would like to see what energy saving grants might be available to them then they can contact one of the following:

London Warm Zone - grants for insulation and central heating, regardless of your income. They will visit your home, complete the paperwork for you, and arrange for the work to be carried out by their approved contractors. Call 0800 389 7286 or visit the London Warm Zone website.

London Warm Front - National Government funded grants of up to £3,500 for insulation and heating improvements. Call 0800 316 6011 or visit the Warm Front website.

Energy Saving Trust - visit the Energy Saving Trust website to search for funding using their database.

Home Insulation Scheme - the Mayor of London is running a Cut Price Home Insulation Scheme that includes home insulation and professionally installed loft and cavity wall schemes. Call 0845 070 5059 or visit the Cut Price Insulation website.

Always ask for and check references.


  1. Thank you and Barkingside 21 for high-lighting the Insulation scam - it is very important for our residents not to be taken in by these smooth talkers! The most vulnerable of course are the elderly - who are watching their energy costs soar and have seen the real schemes available.

    Could you also warn your readers that there are scams on boilers (replacement of) and loft insulation and cavity wall insulation too ?- one lady got told that the lagging in the loft only lasts 10 years!!

  2. I'm sure we could all think of some smooth-talking old boilers......

  3. Did they sell her one of those new Digital Aerials at the same time?

    "Dem old hanalogue 'uns won't work when us guz digital, y'know!"

    Anyone fancy a little quiz about ASO?

    (Don't panic! I even got that one past Redimanager - though whether she took my word for it or sought other advice, I'll never know!)

  4. I had one of those this morning. I managed to waste 5 minutes of his time. He hung up when I asked for the address of this department.

  5. I know this is over 3 years ago but if you google 02476559501 and choose who calls me website it will give you a better idea of who has been calling, the company name changes periodically currently Save me money coventry ltd, has been j&s marketing ltd and save me money ltd.