Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gareth Goes West

Behind the rolling clouds, the hidden days are growing lighter.......... Spring whispers to us from the sodden earth....... rhubarb and cleavers push through the mulch....... the waters of the wildlife pond are beginning to stir and the Peace Garden bees are venturing out after their Winter hibernation.....

Forest Farm Peace Garden is entering its seventh Spring and as ever there are a thousand tasks to do - preparing beds for planting, sowing seeds, mixing leafmold, harvesting herbs, building compost bins, fixing leaky pipes, repairing paths, chopping wood, mulching new areas, making up frames for the beehives.........

Every year volunteers from all parts of the community come together to help build our community garden in Hainault, and to learn and share sustainable lifeskills in the garden. The delicious organic fruit and vegetables that are grown communally are shared and taken home by volunteers, and healthy meals are often prepared in the garden from freshly harvested ingredients. People from many different backgrounds and ages enjoy the benefits of working in the fresh air, getting fit in our 'green gym' and sharing in the peace and tranquility of the garden. Volunteers can also access our library with over 100 books on different aspects of sustainable living - from growing organic food to keeping bees or preparing herbal remedies, and can join in regular workshops on everything from tree grafting to making blackberry jam!

With support from the Hainault Community Project and the International Tree Foundation, FFPG is holding the following workshops in the next few weeks - all are welcome from 11am.

Sunday 28th February: Planting Fruit Trees (apples, pears, & plums)
Sunday 7th March: Tree Grafting (learn how fruit trees are propagated)
Sunday 21st March: Tree Grafting ( " " " " " " )

If you want to join in the garden activities, we are open every Wednesday and Sunday (Fridays are closed for the moment) from 11am til 5pm: send an email or call us on 0791 308 9979 to arrange a visit, get involved and exercise your green fingers! We welcome people from all backgrounds including refugees, asylum seekers and mental health service users. Remember to bring sturdy footwear, warm & waterproof clothing and something for lunch.

On a personal note, I will be leaving the Peace Garden, heading west at the end of this week. Sunday will be my last day, if you are able to join us in the garden it would be great to see you. If you need to get in touch with the Peace Garden in the future, the phone numbers will remain with other staff.

Cheers, Gareth Morgan

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