Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fairlop Teletubbies

This is not the sort of thing you will normally find on the back pages of the Daily Sport, although it is football related. Gary Neville may play his football for those unmentionables up north, but he does have one redeeming quality – he is an environmentalist. He wants to build a new “house” on his estate on the moors between Bolton and Bury in Lancashire. It’s an eco-home and the structure is so advanced the government wants to use the scheme as a benchmark for all future zero-carbon developments. Take a look at the artists impression.

The architects have compared it with Skara Brae, a neolithic settlement in Orkney.

Designed by Make Architects, the unique structure is divided into six separate sections or ‘petals’, called ‘eat', ‘relax’, ‘entertain’, ‘work’, ’sleep’ and ‘play’. They are all arranged around a central communal area. Completely eco-friendly at the footballer’s behest, the home features a ground source heat pump, photovoltaic solar panels and a wind turbine to generate power, which will supply Neville’s neighbouring property as well.

Now, the reason I am posting on this is because they also built the Sherwood Forest Visitor Complex. Wouldn’t something like this be nice over at Fairlop Waters? What do you think?

Over to you Jacqueline.

Hattip: Green Construction UK

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  1. I think we could already find heat sources rising up from the methane gas still escaping from parts of the site at Fairlop!