Monday, February 08, 2010

By the Left…Quick March

Next Saturday 13th February there will be a Military Two Step/ demonstration opposing the closure of Accident & Emergency facilities at King George Hospital. It starts by asembling at the Hospital entrance on Barley Lane at 1pm for a March setting off at 1:15pm and will be led by the two Ilford MPs, Lee Scott and Mike Gapes. The March terminates at a rally in front of Redbridge Town Hall.

Since our January Coffee Morning I have attended two more meetings where the proposals for Health in North East London have been discussed – Area Committee 3 and a LINk meeting at Fullwell Cross Library. There seems to be a perception that the proposals are all about saving money – our Local Trust does have just a teeny weeny financial problem and is unlikely to be bailed out by our equally bust government. But such tough times are exactly the sort to force organisations to be more efficient and cost effective.

As I pointed out earlier most of us only need the NHS when we are young, pregnant or old. The plain fact is that most of the NHS resources, money, is spent on age related conditions. The amount spent on A&E and Maternity [the proposal is to move this from KGH to Queens] is a very small fraction of the overall budget. So any cost savings on these two items will not make much difference. Which begs the question: where and how are those savings going to be made?

I have a feeling that we may be overlooking something here!

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  1. Try adding to your equations the PFI cost of Queens and the elective ortho unit at KGH - moneys that HAVE to be budgeted for before the sick are healed.

    The word verification on this post is SHTLY - I would suggest that with the careful insertion of one vowel, that would be a good description of the way the NHS has been managed by politicians and the Dept of Health for many decades.

    I recall a senior London Hospital doctor friend in the 70's describe the general management system then as 'pouring money down black holes'.

    Nothing has improved since. Yes, increasing bucketloads of cash have been thrown at the NHS (including during the Tory years, contrary to popular myth), and I'd say the vast amount of it has been misdirected and wasted.