Friday, January 22, 2010

Reasons to visit Barkingside

Following on from the previous post on the Regeneration of Barkingside Town Centre we have a Guest Post from Ray Lloyd - Reasons to visit Barkingside.

1. Bank
2. Tube
3. Fullwell Autos
4. Tescos
5. Card Shops [usually unsuccessfully]
6. Plumbers Merchant
‘ Surface treatments’, tree planting and reduced traffic flow / access would deter me from going, not persuade me.

What would persuade me to go more?

1. Decent pub / restaurant
2. Music / events venue
3. Farmers type market / antique fair

The future of Barkingside is to a great extent linked to that of Fairlop Waters. The nettle must be grasped and Fairlop Waters must be developed in an appropriate way. A pond, a third rate golf course and a wildlife sanctuary do not attract the visitors and consumers that hold the key to the areas future.

The so called refurbishment of Fairlop Waters has given us a Greek restaurant and a marquee sited next to a crumbling fun house, a much needed boost, I think not. We all know the arguments voiced against developments such as the racecourse, hotel complex etc. But such an asset as the airfield site cannot be left unexploited if Barkingside is to become a vibrant thriving centre.

With good transport links, Barkingside could become a successful location for exhibitions, shows and musical or theatrical productions. Country fairs such as those held at Hog Hill would easily transfer and shows like the London Motorcycle Show held recently at the Wanstead Rugby Club could also be accommodated. I know the residents fear congestion and noise and, that bodies such as the residents of Aldborough Hatch had their objections to previous proposals but properly planned and managed, an exhibition centre with facilities for musical / theatrical productions, dining and outdoor events would attract the visitors and locals alike and would regenerate the whole area.

Playing about with the flare of roads approaching a roundabout and changing parallel parking to echelon parking will do nothing to secure the future of Barkingside.

Ray Lloyd

Editor's Note: The graphic of the New Fairlop Oak was chosen by me as Ray obviously does not think it is a "decent pub"?


  1. What about the comimg redevelopment of the Barnardo's site? If I read the plans right, this is intended to attract visitors as a historical site of interest (and not just once a year during Open House weekend as it is now). Hopefully this will be a good thing for Barkingside?

  2. This should be read in conjunction with the "Barkingslide" post.

    According to the Knowhere Guide to Barkingside here reasons not to visit Barkingside appear to fall mainly into the categories of Ignorant People and Parking. Something for the Planners/Consultants to think about?

    These reasons have been dealt with tan dem in other posts on this blog and on Red i V.1. Something else for the Planners/Consultants to think about?

  3. I support Mr Lloyd's comments, although noting that the Sharod Indian restaurant (by the Bingo Hall) is highly thought of by local residents!

  4. More reasons to visit Barkingside - depending upon your requirements.

    1. Library/ IT centre
    2. Swimming Pool/ fitness centre
    3. Post office
    4. Mayfair stationers
    5. New Fairlop Oak
    6. Jellied eels

  5. Barkingside High St is rapidly becoming like other areas of Redbridge; rundown and devoid of any interest. With many old established shops closing and boring grotty food shops opening, no wonder people do not go there.

    The recent well supported Remembrance Day service held at Fairlop Waters showed that Redbridge and other people will support good worthwhile projects there.

    We of the Fairlop Heritage Group are striving to get Redbridge Council to allow us access to part of the original runway that over 1,700 served on in the 2 World Wars for a fitting memorial. This would comprise of memorabilia and a history of Fairlop Waters. We have been refused constantly as they are waiting for a "guardian angel" to arrive and develop the site as a hotel/restaurant.
    Future plans we have are a VE Day party on the site, however unless the Council starts supporting us we too will need a "guardian angel"

    Alan Harris
    President Fairlop Heritage Group