Sunday, January 17, 2010


Last Wednesday at the Health Scrutiny Committee, Redbridge Councillors resolved to question the proposals for Health Care in North East london. Principally they question the closure of the Accident & Emergency facility at King George Hospital, the end of critical care support and acute surgical and medical treatment, plus an end to children’s surgery and maternity delivery in the borough. See Wanstead & Woodford Guardian. See also notes from Bill.

But this is only part of the story. We are moving over to a Polysystem of Healthcare, where there will be 5 Polyclinics each serving a distinct area of the borough. These clinics, the things we used to have back in the 50s and 60s, are to form an additional tier of care between GPs and Hospitals, but there are worries that rather than complementing existing services they will merely result in an overall reduction.
So, for your delight, we have the Polyfella himself, Rob Meaker [chief officer for Fairlop Polymorph] speaking at our Coffee Morning next Thursday 21st January, 10-12noon in the Hainault room Fullwell Cross library where he will explain all the details. Don’t worry about the name “Fairlop”, these are health people; their geography is poo. See the map here.

We will have polybiscuits, polytea and polycoffee for you to nibble and sip during the presentation and ensuing Question and Answer session.


  1. In your exquisite graphic, the brown liquid in the pot changes to blue when in the cup.

    You're not using Met Office coffee are you?

  2. Er, the inside of the cup starts off blue and remains blue. John is economising and only pours half a cup, so you can't see it in the bottom from that angle, and is also why they keep coming back for more.

  3. More to the point the pot never seems to empty. A bit like the perpetual supply of fossil fuels we have here on this planet?

  4. Well, Geoffrey Lean (the Daily Tel's awfully green correspondent) wrote yesterday that thanks to modern technology, it is now possible to access far more of the earth's supply of natural gas.

  5. Yes, Link.

    ".... giving us a chance to develop a faster and smoother transition towards a low-carbon economy.

  6. There used to be a good supply of natural gas in the borough, but instead of exploiting it and selling it they built a third-rate golf course over it.

    On the subject of polyclinics, they're fiddling. I know one consultant who, instead of a weekly clinic at King George, now works there for two weeks and at the Loxford polyclinic for the third.

    BH&R PCT - the 21st century successors to Emporer Nero.

  7. Do we get Poly - Styrene cups?

    Hope not because they are not biodegradable, are they?

  8. Hmmm, what was I reading this morning? That the warning from the IPCC about the Himalayan glaciers melting by 2035 was based, very loosely, on a telephone interview with some bloke somewhere who was hypothecating anyway, and it turns out to be nonsense.

    Then there's the Met Office's forecasts, wrong for 9 out of the last 10 years, can't imagine what's going on, can you?

    Never mind, I'm told the science is settled, so that's ok then.

  9. Welcome back, Morris!

  10. Being a cynical old Sxx I have always been suspicious about Quangos, and whilst our Health Authority!!! is not labelled as one it tends to act as if it is one.
    It is very difficult to privatise a Hospital, its too big with vested interests, But if you break it up by (a) Hiving off the profitable bits to pay for a shiny new PFI building (Queens) thereby making it appear on "paper" that the hospital is no longer viable and further releasing all that highly valuable land for development. (note what happened to Barley Lane and the NELMHT, and look at the massive debt BHR are in there are certain parallels.
    Or (b) build the 5 new polyclinics and then watch our rapacious cousins across the pond or anywhere else buy them up it will not be the good ones who do it, it will happen (as it did in Camden) be those highly dubious companies "already under investigation in the USA" who with the connivance of the local PCTs and as it happened in Camden the Local Authority (not Labour) but a potent mix of Lib and Tory. who betrayed their poorest citizens and sacrificed them on the alter of greed.
    Hold on though that sounds like New Labour or at least brother Blair's idea of socialism."I really must stop using that term or the thought police will be knocking on my door.

  11. So how did the meeting go?

  12. Tch! I am currently writing a piece on Swifts, and this is next on my list. I would have done it by now if I didn't keep getting interrupted by pictures of snowmen being emailed to me.