Monday, January 04, 2010

Physician Heal Thyself

Redbridge LINk is an acronym which stands for Local Involvement Network. It is all about having patient forums that provide a "link", get it, between service providers to the NHS, the NHS itself and patients?

Trouble is the link seems to be broken, or it is only operating on a one-way basis. Because our local NHS Trust do not appear to be listening to the residents and keep coming up with the same proposals we fought against last time.

Mind you they do make a good show of appearing to listen. But then they are obliged to have a “consultation”.

So, as well as our coffee morning on 21st January these Link people have set up 3 more meetings with a 4th to be decided.

  • Thursday, 14th January 2010, 6pm-8pm – Sir James Hawkey Hall, Broomhill Road, Woodford Green
  • Thursday, 21st January 2010, 1pm-3pm – RedbridgeCVS, 3rd Floor, Forest House,16-20 Clements Road, Ilford
  • Thursday, 28th January 2010, 1pm-3pm – Fullwell Cross Library, 140 High Street, Barkingside
  • February 2010 – King George Hospital (date and time TBC)
Take your pick, take a megaphone, and make sure you write it down in triplicate in BIG letters.


  1. Let's be clear - this re-organisation is not just local, nor just in London.

    This is Big Guv'ment, constantly trying to show one face to the public and another to the medical profession, whilst ignoring the realities of life.

    And lest anyone think I am just blaming the current lot in Westminster, I also blame previous Conservative administrations for never having the balls to do what is really necessary, which is:

    ask the public in a genuine nation-wide consultation what they want from public Health provision, then cost it, then ask the public if that is a price they are willing to pay.

    Meanwhile, our local NHS administrators also have their own careers to think about - you should be aware that managers are threatened with the sack if they show too much independence, and I am aware of instances in which that threat has been carried out. How brave would any of you be if you had a family and a mortgage to support?