Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mugged Again

Yes, off we trotted to the Kenneth More Theatre yesterday evening for an interview with Boris Johnson. It seems that Boris is keeping to the tradition, started by Ken, of giving away Mugs to the Mugs. This one has the inscription “only boil enough water for the cups you are making”.

Anyway there is a report over at the Wanstead & Woodford Guardian, the Ilford Recorder and on Fight the Flights, a subject that predictably came up. You can listen to the whole thing on podcast by clicking here.


Rebecca scolded Boris for not having any Fairtrade products at City Hall and immediately following that a lady pointed out the bottled water on the top table. Boris assured us that only good old tap water is used at City Hall.

We learned that the Council leader, Keith Prince, does not turn his home heating down because it is not turned on in the first place and that he is a vegetarian. He didn’t mention his Town Hall office heating though!

The potential to generate electricity from the tides up the Thames was mentioned and received favourably.

Gill asked how to encourage cycling and make it safer. Er, stopping cars parking in cycle lanes might help.

Big bit on the draft Waste Strategy, the need to send less to landfill as it is so expensive, so more emphasis on recycling. Everybody it seems would like to recycle cardboard and the Council leader is “working on it”.

Now, one way to tidy up the borough may be to follow the example of Lewisham council and recycle mattresses. I think that could make a big difference here, don’t you?


  1. Recycle mattresses? As often as some recycle mistresses?

  2. I would recycle more if Redbridge would flippin' well collect it!

    It increases my carbon footprint having to take sheet aluminium, "tetrapacks" and cardboard up to Barkingside AND the plastics industry tells us that they can use yoghurt pots (used in shatter-proof road signs apparently) but I have to put them in the black bags.

    Does the GLA recycle its hot air by the way?

  3. Obviously, no idea who jawal1 is but, I like his or her sense of humour!
    As well as recycling tips, could we help our paid masters to be a bit more expenditure conscious. I can see so many pennies going to waste through lack of control or through stupid regulations!