Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Keeping Trim

One of the joys of running a community blog is you get lots of emails from people who want you to advertise their stuff. Mostly I don’t. Simply because most of them clearly have not read the blog and have no idea what it’s all about. Take the most recent. A website for London’s Gyms. Hmmmm? They obviously didn’t spot this.

Frankly I can’t see the point of riding a bicycle that doesn’t go anywhere. Unless it’s hooked up to a dynamo supplying electricity to grandma’s heated slippers. I just don’t get it. People spend loads of money designing exercise out of their daily lives and then spend loads of money designing it back in again.

So, instead of advertising them, I’m going to advertise something else.

The Epping Forest Outdoor Group

"We arrange activities most weekends with walking and cycling being our most frequent activities but we also go canoeing, indoor rock climbing, orienteering and anything else our members put on the programme."

Redbridge Nature Conservation Team

These people organise all sorts of events throughout the year for all age groups. Programme.

Triton Cycles

This local shop sells bicycles that will actually get you somewhere. And they have a whole new range of additions on discount. Mind you, I don’t like the look of those saddles.


  1. If you want to get really fit, when
    you have a spare moment, without any costs of joining a club get on your bikes down to Ray Lodge Park,
    Snakes Lane and you will find a new
    outdoor gym, provided free by a well known sports equipment supplier. Take care not to overdo it first time. I'm told the value
    of the equipment is in the £250.000 range. Haven't tried it myself yet, trying to get fit indoors to walk the 400 metre trek to get there.
    Ron King.

  2. The Epping Forest Outdoor Group is a very nice group. Your readers may also be interested in Ramblers groups in the area which can be found at


    and an HF group at