Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gathering of the Clans

There’s nothing like an external threat to bring opposing factions together in a common purpose. So someone once said, or words to that effect. So it was that the Redbridge Political Clans gathered in front of Redbridge Town Hall last Saturday lunchtime. Red, Yellow, Blue and Green. Spot them in the photograph below. More photos here.
It was a protest meeting over the proposed downgrading of King George Hospital and the potential closure of the Accident & Emergency Facility there. The severe weather limited numbers, so don’t let that fool you. This one was organised by Wilson [never leaves home without his Megaphone] Chowdhry and apparently they collected over 500 signatures on their petition, many of whom didn’t even know about the proposals. If you missed it don’t panic.

There is a March in February this year. Lee Scott and Mike Gapes will lead the march from King George Hospital at 1.15pm on Saturday 13th February for a rally outside Ilford Town Hall at 2.15pm. More details on Facebook if you have an account. If you can help distributing leaflets please phone Andy Walker on 07956 263088.

Postscript: Whilst the neighbouring member for Barking has not exactly covered herself in glory I am at a loss to understand why Blogger maestro Iain Dale criticises her for supporting this campaign in much the same way as members of his own Party.


  1. The reorganisation of London Hospital/Clinic services (yet again) is a Government initiative, based on Lord Darzi's report.

    That would be the Lord Darzi who was ennobled by the Labour Prime Minister and appointed as a Health Minister by the Labour Prime Minister (although the Noble Lord has since stood down as a Minister in somewhat murky circumstances, allegedly).

    Labour campaigned in 1997 using the slogan '24 hours to save the NHS'.

    Now, when it suits them, Mike Gapes MP and Lady Hodge MP (to use her correct title) behave as though these proposals have come from Nowhere Land, emanating from some evil Directorate utterly unbeknownst to them. What flaming hypocrisy.

  2. Oh dear Judith: the words Politicians and hypocrits in the same senteance? Shame on you.

  3. Judith's comment that Lord Darzi, who left government after 2 years of outstanding service did so in 'somewhat murky circumstances alledgedly' is simply not true.

    A trawl through even the right wing press on the internet whilst trying to make hay out of the fact that another of Gordon's GOAT's had left the government does not suggest anything murky or untoward about his leaving government.

    Let's not attempt to tar all politicians as corrupt or badly behaved especially when they are not. How does that truly help us in building and maintaining our civic society.

    Mark Santos

  4. My information comes from the medical, not the political, world, Mark, and note the use of the word 'allegedly'.

    And you must admit he was in and out remarkably quickly.