Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Every Little Helps - Sometimes

Ah hah! I’ve just been over to Tescos in Southend Road to recycle my Christmas cards. I had to ask where the bin was. When I found it there were hardly any cards in there. This might have something to do with there not being any notice on it saying “Recycle your Christmas Cards here”.

Anyway, on my way to the Customer Services point I was walking in the opposite direction to that which I normally travel after exiting one of those isles having paid for my beer. And to my surprise I noticed a large bin for recycling domestic batteries and another one for printer cartridges tucked into a corner. I asked how long they had been there, and they didn’t even know they were there.

So, a quick Google search reveals that Tesco rolled out battery collection points in all its stores starting in October and November last year. It seems they, and other main retailers like Sainsburys, are required to do this by next month, February 2010, under the European Battery Directive.

According to Which magazine, last November, Tesco intend to launch a National Campaign next month. Why wait? The bins are there. Let’s go. The campaign starts here!

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