Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Bleak House

Not sure what’s going on here. It may just be a storm in a teacup, I hope so. These are hard times, we know that, we know that sacrifices will have to be made and tough decisions taken. I understand that most charities are suffering from the current economic mess. But helping people to help themselves and thereby play as full a part in society and the economy as they can is surely not a place to make "savings"?

Disabled charity's future under threat – Ilford Recorder

An outline of the Redbridge Disability Association on this site in October 2008.
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We the undersigned petition the London Borough of Redbridge to rescind its decision to stop funding Redbridge Disability Association's information advice and advocacy service. Redbridge Disability Association is a front line disabled person led non profit organisation with 42 years experience. Disability creates massive challenges - we want to solve real issues together. The London Borough of Redbridge has decided to stop funding us and have not actually said why. We are at risk of closing but last year brought £500,000 into the Borough and have been rated as excellent by the Legal Services Commission.
What is a Disability?

UPDATE: LBR Press Release 7th January

Redbridge Disability Association are currently contracted by Adult Social Services to provide services to Redbridge residents.
The contractual relationship has been in place for 10 years and this current three year contract is due to expire in March 2010. As with all contracts of this value and size, the Council has a legal requirement to put the contract out to tender.
Redbridge Disability Association, alongside any other qualifying organisation, is welcome to tender for this contract.
This contract is one of many contracts the Council's Adult Social Services has with voluntary organisations to provide services to residents. These contracts are not grant funding but contracts of work and are in place to provide consistent service delivery, which is monitored and evaluated against the needs of the Redbridge population and specific outcomes.
When the current contract for Redbridge Disability Association was last formally reviewed it was made clear to them that the Council would require a different specification that focused more on Advocacy as well as some information and advice. The Council have a duty to look at who can provide these services through the tendering process.
Council Officers have met with representatives of Redbridge Disability Association and have discussed in detail this process and what is required of them over the interim period. We are currently awaiting a proposal from them on how we could work in partnership to deliver an extended advocacy service.
The allocation of money for this contract is available and will be used to fund priority services through a provider who meets most closely the changing needs of Redbridge residents.
And here is the ReDA January Newsletter:

We have received the following from LB Redbridge.
“As previously indicated LBR no longer wish to commission the information and advice service from your organisation.
We are prepared to commission an advocacy service from ReDA covering people with a physical disability but only on a short term basis prior to going to tender for a longer contract.”
So what does LBR mean by "advocacy" that is different from what ReDA already do? And why only physical disabilities? Does anyone know?

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  1. Typical of the powers that be; kowtow to the greedy rich and kick the poor and needy in the teeth.