Sunday, December 27, 2009

That was the Year that was

a magnifying glass
Yes folks, it’s time to look back at 2009, and also 2008, and assess whether or not our council deserve their Christmas bonuses and if we want to give them the prestigious B21 Gold Star. Here is the forward look for 2008 and here is the end of term report for 2008 and a look forward to 2009.

So, how have we progressed? Not much changes, but there are some.

The absent Public Toilet at Fullwell Cross.
- the council are to issue an anti-diuretic to all residents
Barkingside Regeneration Feasibility Study.
- underway via Dr Who Consultants
Completion of Barkingside High Street Road works
- still waiting for the works at the Fremantle traffic lights
Improvement of the High Street Alleyways.
- worse than ever
A Regular Market in the High street
- Pah! Where are the "Business" Partnership when you need them?
Putting the Plan into Action at Fairlop Waters
- Progress, Yippee! But you’re gonna have to pay to park
The Fairlop Waters memorial
- None, but an excellent memorial service
King George Hospital A&E
- yet again!
A Bus route along Forest Road.
- Bah! But Cllr Sladden is on the case
Handover of Claybury Park to the Council.
- Completed. About bloody time.
The Clayhall Avenue/Woodford Avenue junction
- still a nightmare
A new Swimming Pool
- a generation missed
Adopting the Sustainable Communities Bill
- Not sure
Scrapping Unity Square
- disunity
- awaiting make-up contract or automatic digital picture enhancement

And a few surprises:
The excellent new green waste collection service.
The refreshing new open style of leadership.
Counter-balanced by the lock-down of the Redbridge-i Forum

Happy New Year


  1. I am very concerned about the state of the Barkingside Business Parnership - there appear to be internal wranglings that is stopping it being effective, I am informed. It's a pity there was no representation from them at the Planning Scrutiny Committee the other week at ICHS.

    The traffic situation at both the Fremantle Rd/High St and the Clayhall Ave/Woodford Ave junctions is an absolute disgrace; the Borough Highways Engineers and their compadres as TfL should hang their heads in shame.

  2. I noticed the other week that the kerbside guard railings on the corner outside Winningales had disappreared and had assumed they had been taken out by a left turning lorry, but now I'm not so sure.

    It seems that peeps further up the road have had a similar experience!

  3. Back to Barkingside High Street. It was unusually quiet yesterday so we drove through it. I could not help noticing how disgraceful some of the properties above the shops are.
    I would assume they are not owner-occupied. Shouldn't the council talk to the owner(s), that is if they are known and insist on a minimum standard of maintenance when the appearance of a whole High Street depends on it.
    If the council is powerless, we might as well forget refurbishing the High Street: the lower common denominator will win and in the case of a lot of these properties, it is low.

  4. Redbridge-i lockdown - appauling. No on line community engagement of any worth!

  5. Despite the relative "openness" of the new regime, the Council still steadfastly refuses to revisit the "Long-Term Asset Management Strategy" that arose out of the discredited CON-versation and thus Council Officers are still seeking opportunistic land sales, so nothing is safe yet.

    The car-parking charging policy was proposed as a way of raising revenue for education spending - which has now been re-prioritised so, therefore, the entire policy should be revisited. Do not forget that the Frenford Clubs are definitely going to the PLA site so something will happen to the vacated land.

    Look forward to the Council attempting to introduce the CON-versation proposals by stealth.

  6. Jawal1's comments are interesting.
    I did not know that the car park charges were ear-marked for education spending. I thought that they put all the money in a big pot and then pulled it out as and when required more like on a first come first served basis. Or, even more likely, if we like you you get money, if not,...
    If the spending was planned according to the rules, lots of money would have been ring-fenced to be spent exclusively on allotments. (I am talking £millions.)
    These millions were acquired when disposing of allotment sites and they were never spent in a proper way. They just vanished and the remaining allotments (whether managed by the council or by societies) are having to survive on a starvation diet. But, we are united in survival skills and we are thankful that we are still in existence. Merci Big Conversation.
    Merci also to the Cllrs (and others, too numerous to name) who helped us to survive. And I hope we won't have to go through the whole performance again.

  7. You forgot one thing:
    after much public pressure, and having spent time, money, effort and Care over getting Valentines Mansion's restoration Just RIGHT....

    ...they go and B##ls it all up by putting car parking meters in. Congratulations.

    I think that kind of insufferable arrogance, stubborn ignorance and mean, penny-pinching greed define this Borough's Council.

  8. I did mention the car parking charges under Fairlop Waters, Ray!