Monday, December 28, 2009


a crystal ballIf you want to check on how I did with my 2009 predictions,
click here.

So, what jollies await us in 2010 I wonder?
Here’s my baker’s dozen predictions.

1. The colour of the year 2010 will be Blue.

2. England will get knocked out of the World Cup on Penalties.

3. There will be blue ribbons on the Premier League trophy.

4. There will be Light Blue ribbons on the FA Cup.

5. Esso Blue will make a comeback.

6. At the General Election there will be a Green Party candidate in every London constituency except Barking.

7. But there will be no Westminster breakthrough for the Greens, UKIP or the BNP.

8. The General Election will produce a Conservative government with a tidy majority.

9. There will be a photocall for Cameron’s Cuties, all wearing a blue Mrs T suit and power heels, [a bit like that Virgin ad only a different colour] which will be branded as sexist by the opposition.

10. Gordon Brown will not resign in defeat and will vow to lead Labour into the 2015 election.

11. John Prescott will issue a press release written in CAPITAL LETTERS.

12. Locally, the next Mayor of Redbridge will be a Liberal Democrat.

13. Redbridge libraries will be outsourced and run by a Supermarket chain.

Please feel free to add your own in the comments.



    suggest a Green poll win, any chance of getting you down to Brighton to canvass?

  2. My Freedom Pass only covers London.

  3. ...and you know the tragic thing is Weggis?

    I suspect a majority of your predictions will come true.

  4. Oh go on then, just for a laugh:

    1. Colour of the year will be purple - hung parliament!

    2. England to win the World Cup!

    3.Premier league colours will be red.

    4. Maroon & light blue for the FA (AV)

    5. The pound will make a come back in 2010!

    6. Fair go.

    7. UKIP? Naa!

    8. General election will produce a hung parliament!

    9. Agreed!

    10 GB will resign following a hung Parliament.

    11. JP will go for leadership of the Labour Party!

    12. Whoever it is they'll probably be paid too much.

    13. Mobile libraries will make a come back and so will curly wurlys!

    14. I know nothing!


  5. I actually had a dream this week, predicting next years General Election result (how geeky and sad is that!?), and Cameron's Tories win with a parliamentary majority of... NINE seats. No cause for celebration for our poor benighted country of course, but might be worth a trip to the bookies.
    Cllr Julian leppert - BNP

  6. So far decided, I've been wrong on everything.