Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Oh! Ho! O’s

Well, that’s my 2010 April 1st post up the swanney!

Statement on Home page of Redbridge-i website.
"Redbridge Council regularly talks to a wide range of companies about development opportunities in the Borough. We are aware Leyton Orient is interested in relocating to Redbridge but have not had any formal approach about Fairlop Waters or any other site in the Borough. We would need to see a firm proposal before considering the idea, and any development proposal would be the subject of wide public consultation. The Leader of the Council has categorically stated that Leyton Orient will not be going to Fairlop Waters."
Report in Tuesday's "The Sun".


  1. I did see the blue writing on the rediwebsite.
    Who at Redbridge Council keeps in touch with this wide range of companies and where?
    Promoting the Borough is more than fine but sudden 'honesty is the best policy' makes one slightly worried.
    Would a football club qualify as a sport development?
    And the ancillary buildings be acceptable in a CR2 because they are necessary to the proper function of a sport facility?
    I can foresee lots of lively Area meetings.

  2. "Commercial Confidentiality", Anne.

  3. This has generated an enormous amount of online gossip amongst Orient fans, me being one of them.

    From a purely selfish point of view I wouldn't be that dissapointed with a move to somewhere in Redbridge, but not at the expense of Fairlop Waters.

  4. The Christmas Crackers have been pulled early!

  5. Weirder and weirder, the blue writing is not to be seen on the front page of the redi anymore. (At least, I cannot find it!)
    Surely Cllr Prince, the Leader of the Council, would not be subjected to censureship the way we are?

  6. Perhaps The O's are destined for Oakfield?

  7. Ron Jeffries, Chairman, Aldborough Hatch Defence Association4:06 pm, December 11, 2009

    Whilst I have nothing against football in general and Leyton Orient in particulat (in fact, some of my best friends are supporters), there will be a football stadium at Fairlop Waters over my dead body (and I guess that could be arranged!). We did not fight for nearly ten years to defeat the racecourse to end up with a football stadium. No, Sir! Not in your life!

  8. Can I abuse B21 hospitality and, the link being that a Matt Oliver, is listed in the comments in this column, could I ask nice volunteers to help the younger version, Matt Oliver the Younger with his research towards his degree in horticulture and fill in the very short online survey as listed in the right hand side when you open B21 site. Matt wants to write about the possible value to the community provided by allotment people to non allotmenteers. He has been talking to allotmenteers (me and other half included) but he also needs the opinions of people without allotments.
    Many thanks

  9. Better tell them before they start considering a relocation to Fairlop Waters, to check the land, the potential pollution and (above all) the constitution of the land: whether you can build such huge structures needed on this site.

    Bottom line here: in order to build all this stuff, you'd need to excavate the landfill back to the gravel, re-landfill, compact it properly, drain it properly, but the statutory concrete or clay cap on it, then the proper topsoil.

    ..oh, and don't forget it's a Flood Plain..... how would the pitch cope?

  10. Ray, Orient's been drowning for a very long time!