Friday, December 11, 2009

King George Rally

There will be a Rally, Protest, Demonstration, Mass Tantrum, call it what you like, on Saturday 9th January 2010 between 12:00 noon and 2:00pm in Ilford Town Centre outside the Town Hall to register disapproval at the proposals to downgrade King George Hospital and remove its Accident & Emergency Facility. This is a non party political event organised by Ilford South Businessman Wilson Chowdhry. Lee Scott MP Ilford North has confirmed his attendance. All parties and many other local groups have been invited.

Remember, that our councillors passed a cross party resolution on this at last Full Council and that Cllr Sladden’s survey of General Practioners showed a whopping majority opposed to these proposals.

There are also two on-line e-petitions. One created by Mr Chowdhry and one created by Redbridge Eye. [That’s not Redbridge-i the council, they seem to be pre-occupied with stopping local residents talking to each other].

The two petitions are worded differently, so please have a look and sign one or the other, or both if you like.

Save King George Hospital – Wilson Chowdhry

Save King George Hospital – Redbridge Eye

Please, also, if you feel so inclined, pass one or both of these links onto to your friends, neighbours and relatives.


  1. Thanks for the links to the e-petitions. Signed up!

  2. Will you be wearing a veil, Benonymous?

  3. As a male, we do not need to.

  4. But it is preferable! If not a veil then a brown paper bag.