Thursday, December 03, 2009

Healthy Signs?

The consultation on the new Health proposals was due to kick off on 1st December and last for 14 weeks up to 8th March 2010. It appeared, fleetingly, on the Redbridge Council webite and then disappeared. Our thanks to Mark for taking a record of the link and putting it up the Redbridge Eye site. Here it is. From here you can access the consultation document itself and complete the online questionnaire.

Public consultation on A&E axe WILL start today

Public consultation launched last night

A public consultation has been launched to examine plans to close the A&E at King George Hospital

As part of this consultation we have Adrienne Noon, Director of Communications for the Redbridge Primary Care Trust coming to our January coffee morning on the 21st. Book it!

Comment from someone in the know:

I have to say that those of us with years of experience examining the NHS can understand some of the points being made in the review of North East London Health Services, particularly the fact that our Hospital Trust was so badly managed that it is virtually broke beyond mending, and that whoever wins next year's election is going to have to severely reduce spending.

That's that then! We're ****ed!

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  1. The redbridge i NHS dicussion is back up and running: