Sunday, December 20, 2009

Get Boris

A few weeks ago Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, visited Redbridge and was accosted by a well dressed gentleman and former Justice of the Peace. He was complaining about the suspension of works at Newbury Park Station and had to be restrained from giving Boris a “suspended” sentence. Now’s your chance.

Next month, in fact next year, Boris will be back here in Redbridge. It’s an event entitled:

It’s your Environment – Have your say

"London needs to be recognised as a world leader in improving the environment both locally and globally. The Mayor and guest speakers will take questions from the audience in this lively debate." Hmmm, who are they expecting?

Monday 18th January 2010 7-8:30pm
Kenneth More Theatre, Oakfield Road, Ilford, IG1 1BT

To request FREE tickets please call the box office at the Kenneth More Theatre on 020 8553 4466. You can have 2 tickets posted to you. There are 500 but auditorium holds 360. The latest arriving 140 will watch a screen in the foyer!

Meanwhile Boris announces another freeze on what City Hall takes from council tax payer’s pockets while blowing his own trumpet on achievements and having the inevitable dig at his predecessor. Here is the budget consultation.

But the Conservative Assembly members don’t seem too keen to save money and cut out unnecessary bureaucracy? Roger will correct me if I’m wrong but only 11 members voted for a motion proposed by the other Johnson [Darren] calling for the Government Office for London [GoL] to be abolished.


  1. Well, perhaps someone could explain why this Govt thought that we also needed a London Regional Council, which got approved by the Commons very recently?

  2. This is actually the Xmas Panto - "Carry On Having Your Say".

    Dame BoJo will be played by Christopher Biggins with a special guest appearance by Barbara Windsor as Harriet Harman. The part of Baron Stoneybroke will be played by Kenny Livingstone.

  3. But what about Newbury Park Station? My letters to Boris of 25th November (personal) and 2nd December (as Chairman of the Aldborough hatch Defence Association and handed personally to Boris in Ilford Town Centre that very day) both remain unanswered. But I guess Boris is very busy at Christmas and there will be a letter in the post ere long. I telephoned KMT the very day I received this blog. A very polite young man anwered the telephone and took down my details. "I know you," he cried. "My father has your book." I told him that I am working on the sequel. "I will buy it for my father for next Christmas," he said - which is most encouraging to this author who sits here at his desk day by day typing away. The tickets will be in the post, the young man told me, urging me to come early if I want to get into the auditorium for they are selling more tickets than there are seats (as Barkingside 21 warned). I guess I will have to arrive early but I trust that everyone will have to queue to gain entrance. None of that claiming special treatment by folk who inhabit that Big House on the other side of the road from the KMT. But then with a Council election coming, I guess they will all be on their best behaviour - well, most of them at least!
    Happy New Year!
    Ron Jeffries
    Aldborough Hatch Defence Association

  4. Yes, Ron! I made sure I had tickets before I put it on the blog!!!!!