Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Fairlop Square

The draft version of the Barkingside Town Centre Improvement Plan has now been published and is available on the Redbridge-i website:

It breaks down into:
Barkingside draft reportv2 - section 1 (pdf, 2.11mb)
Barkingside draft reportv2 - section 2 (pdf, 1.11mb)
Barkingside Vision Drawing (pdf, 397kb)
Barkingside draft reportv2 - section 3 (pdf, 4.38mb)
Barkingside draft reportv2 - section 4 (pdf, 7.14mb)

Section 3 is the interesting bit.

If you would like to view a hard copy, 3 are available at Fullwell Cross Library for reference.

The Plan has been developed by the Council and their consultants: studio REAL, DTZ and MVA based on a programme of research and a series of consultation workshops. The Plan has been based around a series of short and long term projects which can be found in section 3 under the headings:-

  • Public Realm and Access Improvements
  • Land Use and Development Projects
  • Business, Community and Image Improvements

The Plan will be aimed at directing future changes to promote a more attractive, prosperous and sustainable town centre.

As you are probably aware, you will have a chance to contribute to the development of the Plan at the forthcoming meeting of the Planning and Regeneration Scrutiny Committee at 6.30pm on Thursday 10th December at Ilford County High School on Fremantle Road. An early viewing of a display of the proposals will be available from 5.45pm. We hope that you can attend this event. The agenda and committee report is now available from the Redbridge-i website:

There will also be a further opportunity for you to find out what is being proposed and to give your comments at a Public Meeting in the new year organised jointly by the Council and Barkingside 21. This will be at 7pm on Monday 1st February 2010 in the Aldborough room, Fullwell Cross Library.

Now where, you might ask, are the Barkingside Business Partnership in all this. Good question. Nowhere is the answer. If you read those reports above you will find the diplomatic phrase under the heading “Weaknesses” – “Need for stronger Business Partnership”. Well, aside from one notable exception a Business Partnership that actually exists and engages in the art of digital extraction might be a help. You'd think, wouldn't you, that those who stand to "profit" might actually pay some attention.


  1. Thank you B21 for bringing this to attention. In the shorter days towards the end of the year, there is a tendency to go into hibernation and forget that major developments are being considered which will affect the locals.
    I am looking at the redesigned Fullwell Cross roundabout. Good point: the iconic library is still mentioned as a library!
    It would be excellent if we could see a computer generated flow of traffic before they start spending so much money in redesigning the roundabout. I cannot see how restricting the area of roads is going to ease the traffic situation even if the pedestrians are going to be able to use a new pedestrian system right across the roundabout.
    The esthetic design is fine, on paper . Will it work?
    Hopefully, they won't have enough money and it will be filed anyway.
    What about giving the Library's window frames a lick of paint instead? (And sweeping the chewing-gum off the pavement, please!)

  2. Another monstrosity further declining Barkingside. As anne said, money better spent else where in the area.

  3. Looking at the picture got me wondering.

    Obviously there wasn't always a roundabout there, so ...

    ... does anybody have an old map showing the original road layout for comparison? I assume it would look very much like the new proposal but it might be interesting to know whether, for example, there were roads on all four sides or if they all met up in one glorious mess ...

    ... there must have been some discussion before the roundabout was built. Do any records exist of the original proposal, arguments for and against, etc. As there would have been much lower traffic levels at the time, it might could be a useful contrast ...

  4. Forget the fine words. This is a nightmare.

    The roundabout has been there for at least 60 years.

  5. I wouldn't make too much fuss about it. Nobody's got any money to see this through anyway.

    Which prompts the question: how much public money has been wasted on "Consultants" to date on these plans, Redbridge Council?