Thursday, December 03, 2009

Barnado's Development

As well as the High Street being up for improvement there is also a Development plan for the Barnado's site. This one though is much more likely to go ahead as they own the land and have control.

Highlights are:

Their rather unloved Head Office building is to be demolished and relocated at the north east corner of the site. Hopefully they will engage a decent architect this time.

More residential housing on surplus or under-utilised areas of the site, including between the new headquarters and the Children’s Church, land to the south of the Children’s Church, and at the corner of Horns Road / Civic Way (the former New Mossford School).

Re-siting of the memorial on to the village green. The green to be much more open for community and public access.

The children’s church to provide enhanced community uses and space.

Read all about it here.


  1. I went to the Barnardo's exhibition at their church.

    Much of what they want to do is admirable and attractive - unfortunately the Head Office is deeply unlovely. I tackled one of their senior bods about it, and it seems to come down to the amount of money they were prepared to spend.

    It appears that the Office block will be far less obtrusive, and will be screened by trees, which is the best that can be said for it - preferably closely planted Leylandii! (only joking)

  2. I grow up in Dr Barnardos from 1965 - 1979 at that time the place was magical. It was the Village, but not like that one in the programme the Prisoner.

    It's a place where when times have been hard and I rest at night my mind takes me back to these Big Greens, Swimming Pool, the School, Nursery, Church, the Orchard and the Adventure playground.

    I was there as that white elephant of the Head office was being built, and when they sold the Hospital to the council.

    I line the pathway when Princess Margret visited in her Red Wessex Helicopter to open the Old Peoples home. When New Mossford was opend for the handicapped.

    The decline came with the sale and destruction of Mossford Lodge, with the Court built upon it, ending up with Tesco's!

    The resiting of the memorial is another change by people who have'nt a memory of it but an idea, with a clue.

    It's such a shame they cannot have it listed the place was a paradise for many children at the time. As mentioned I still dream about the place where every Cottage to the left or to the right and all around the Old Green, the Big Green or what is now the remaining Green the New Green, there were Cottages filled with other children who you could play with and have fun, play football or whatever.