Saturday, November 21, 2009

Free Beer!

Two words guaranteed to get my attention. There is a parliamentary reception on Tuesday 8th December from 6-8pm in The Jubilee Room, Houses of Parliament hosted by David Drew MP with free beer donated by SIBA - the Society of Independent Brewers.

It is a Public event, it’s free and no booking is required. Expect a queue. It’s about:

The Sustainable Communities Act is an exciting new law that sets up a radical 'bottom up' process of governance. Come along and hear the latest developments:

* Hundreds of proposals for government action have already been put forward by Local Authorities under the Act,

* the government will be reporting to Parliament in December on the next set of Local Spending Reports (required under the Act), and

* the Sustainable Communities Act Amendment Bill that will further extend the Act's powers to Local Authorities is currently in Parliament.

Details for the reception are as follows:

Chair: Tom Levitt MP - Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on the Community and Voluntary Sector


John Denham MP - Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government - INVITED

Oliver Letwin MP - Chairman of the Conservative Party Policy Review

Julia Goldsworthy MP - Shadow Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government

David Drew MP - Sponsor of the Sustainable Communities Act

Ron Bailey - Local Works Organiser


  1. Please note it can apparently take at least an hour to get through security at the HoC nowadays.

  2. Nick Hayes (Fullwell Ward)12:06 am, November 22, 2009

    Unfortunately it clashes with Regional Planning Committee North else i would go.

  3. Sustainable Communities?
    Does that mean that they are going to consider population growth control and resources - lots of meaningless words - and conveniently forget it for another few years whilst the situation becomes even worse.