Saturday, September 26, 2009

LCY Noise Action Plan

London City AirportYup, it’s another consultation. London City Airport has published its Noise Action Plan and the consultation with local communities, councils [not sure if that includes us] and other stakeholders will commence on Monday and last until 15th January 2010. Do let them know what you think.

Last week I was waiting at the bus stop in Clayhall Avenue when a medium sized jet propelled aircraft of the type used at London City banked overhead and disappeared off towards the north. It was very noisy. So, I was thinking about that during my bus journey. Part of the reason for the increased noise pollution is that the flight paths have been lowered by NATS. Why?

Well, it’s obviously fuel consumption. The steeper the climb and the higher you need to get the more fuel you need. And the Airlines are feeling the pinch right now, bless them. Customers are dwindling and fuel prices are rising, as we’ve seen at the petrol pump. Except that, well, not to put too fine a point on it, we are paying something like 90% tax on our petrol while the Airlines don’t pay any tax at all. Zero, zilch, nought, nothing, not a penny. And it’s not just us who pay that tax, it’s buses, coaches, taxis, trains and haulage. And where are those costs transferred to, yes you the consumer and good old taxpayer.

The Airlines, and their customers, are being subsidised by you the taxpayer just the same as those “feckless people who don’t want to work and sponge off the state”. And they are not alone, the Bankers have had their debts and misdemeanours underwritten by you the taxpayer so they can continue to live in a manner to which they have become accustom.

And all this is in the name of, wait for it, a FREE market. What? Free? Loaded more like in more ways than one! A fraction of this level of subsidy could, for example, upgrade the insulation of our housing stock with the knock on benefit of a massive boost to employment and economic activity; and by golly we need it right now. But of course the green lobby is ignored, it does not have access to the levers to pull or buttons to press. The National Wealth Service has been around for a lot longer than the National Health Service, but by and large it goes unseen and it’s excesses and inefficiencies unchallenged and unrecognised.

Does Government represent the people or does it represent the people who matter to them?

Kermit the frogNow, before anyone jumps on me to say that saving fuel is a good green thing, yes I agree. It’s not easy being green! It’s just that if we are going to be ruled by the marketplace we need a level playing field for all modes of transport. It’s competition, and fair competition at that, that drives efficiency and excellence.

Yes, all you Iain Dale readers, it’s time we stopped people mumping off the state but don’t be surprised if it’s you who finds your wallet palpitating.


  1. Wasnt the Noise Action plan to be completed and submitted to the EU by December 31st? Is the airport breaking the law - yet again?

  2. Great to see you've come to the show when it comes to LCY.
    Lets see what they do with this consultation? More than likely nothing. As this would stand with what they've done before.

    Anon your right they are going to be late. But guess what there getting special treatment as they need to make sure the figs look good and not real. We can't have bad PR on LCY it's just not allowed. Make it up or bend the figures that's the way to do it.

  3. Nope, ain't nothing to do with the free market, it's all to do with politicians interfering with the free market.

    PS - anyone with cavity walls should be extremely wary of getting them in-filled. The current Govt mania for this form of insulation is weird, to say the least, since the cavity IS the insulation - in-filling leads to breaching of the damp course, and can increase condensation problems.

  4. Breaching of the Damp Course??

    I must confess surprise at this statement, as the DPC (damp proof course)usually covers the first two courses of bricks on BOTH the inside AND outside couse of brickwork. (9" cavity wall)

    Cavity Walls are best insulated with the CORRECTinsulation.

  5. And just this evening there was Baby Miliband on the wireless wittering gaily on about how people will fly for ever, so all the poor non-flyers will just jolly well have to cut our co2 emissions by an extra 10% to indulge the, mostly affluent, jetsetters.

    Clear why he's called the "Minister for Climate Change"

  6. "Green Taxes" are just another excuse to lift money from the pockets of everyone...

    That, and "Think of the Cheelldren"

    I'm with Lord Lawson on this.

    The planet heats up in summer and cools down in winter, cycles of cooling and heating have been going on for millenia.

    Man's presence on the planet has had minimal impact over the last 200,000 years, despite what any beardy claims...

    The Sun is getting bigger, closer etc, in a few million years time WE WILL NOT BE HERE, as the sun will have toasted all life on earth.

    Unless of course a Metorite smashes into earth first, just like this One a while back....

  7. "The planet heats up in summer and cools down in winter,"

    What total Bx. You’ve failed to spot that when it’s summer here it’s winter in the antipodes, which sort of cancels out. There is no planetary “summer” or “winter”!!!! There are cycles, yes, but not that one.

    And we have rather more than a “few million years” before the sun goes out, if we want them, but I grant you that that we probably won’t get even a few thousand more or even a few hundred with twerps like Lawson and you around.

    “Man's presence on the planet has had minimal impact over the last 200,000 years, despite what any beardy claims...”. More total Bx.

    You don’t have to be a beardy or wear sandals to spot the impact we’ve made and I’m not talking about the areas we’ve covered in concrete. Just look at the change in the landscape caused by an earlier development – agriculture. That’s the big difference. Oh and then there’s the seas; have you spotted where all your precious fish have gone?

    I will grant you that so called “green taxes” are simply a mechanism employed by the Grey parties to ensure the rigged markets of business as usual continue to keep them in power.

    But they are not the green taxes of the polluter pays principle.

    There is a price to pay for the exploitation of the natural environment and pollution and we will have to pay it sooner or later. Mother Nature is ruthless and unforgiving and is not the sort of person you should default on a balance sheet debt.

  8. B21, I still am not convinced, "green" types have been banging on about this for years, any "unbeliever" is treated as a heretic.

    We will have to agree to disagree.


  9. Newbie "green" types have been banging on about this for years"

    And unbelievers will tell everyone that anyone worried about all our futures is a nut case and has long hair and smells of lavender.

    Always better to hide your head and get on with it. Apathy is so easy to live with.

  10. I'm still a sceptic.

    Those hippies sure have a lot to answer for, I blame the "swinging sixties" too many errrmmm...substances went to their brains.

    Trouble is, now they're in positions of power and influence, and are using the "green agenda" to empty our pockets and pursue their own ends.

    TfL's transport policy of ruining our road infrastructure, making it as difficult as possible to use our private transport and "pursuading" us to use public transport , plus the Govt policy of taxing some vehicles out of existence via the Excise Duty system are just two cases in point.

    I'm sure the powers that be would rather we all rode bicycles and lived in "sustainable dwellings" in "eco towns".

    It's not going to happen....


  11. Lavender? Surely every self-respecting lentil-muncher wears patchouli?

    James Miller at Sustainable China blog has some thoughts about these Agenda 21 issues that seem equally relevant to every country:

    “Any form of economic development that entails a corresponding increase in per capita ecological footprint can only lead to increased social unrest and geopolitical tension, the consequences of which will extend far across the world. The current arrangement in which the world’s economically wealthy regions export their ecological problems onto poorer regions is plainly unsustainable in the long run, never mind morally bankrupt.”

    “To back up technological, policy and legal reform, it is necessary to create a culture of ecological sustainability. Such a culture denotes the patterns of belief, the system of values, the habits of practice, and the existential orientation that together provide the social, cultural and psychological justification for ecologically responsible decisions. Without such a cultural justification, sustainability is simply an empty word, a concept that is easy to discuss but impossible to implement.”

  12. Is newbie getting a bit carried away? Us French did use to burn the heretics. (We also patented the guillotine!)
    Now, burning somebody for heresy in the traditional way (Joan of Arc is an example and, yes the French did it to placate the English), that is not ecological at all and I don't think the greens would want to do dispose of you this way.

  13. Frankly I’m baffled that anyone expressing reactionary views like Newbie is even wasting his time with an Agenda 21 blog when there’s whole blogs full of people living in cosy mutal denial of reality over at Iain Dale and the rest of the dinosaurs spouting the same old rubbish like "Man's presence on the planet has had minimal impact over the last 200,000 years, despite what any beardy claims..." And "using the "green agenda" to empty our pockets and pursue their own ends."
    The more clear sighted and less self serving people who came up with Agenda 21 see things a lot more realistically, saying that “Humanity stands at a defining moment in history. We are confronted with a perpetuation of disparities between and within nations, a worsening of poverty, hunger, ill health and illiteracy, and the continuing deterioration of the ecosystems on which we depend for our well-being.”

  14. check This seems at least EIGHT papers by leading academics MAY need to be reviseted due to controversial data from tree rings....


  15. Not to worry, no doubt the whole "eco agenda" will have their hands full dealing with This

    What's that I hear you say.. you need funding to "research the flawed data"...yeah right.....enjoy


  16. Can't see the relevance of your link, to "the whole eco-agenda" that this blog was (presumably) set up to address.

    Climate change is only one, particularly controversial, aspect of the very much bigger problem of how we are interacting with our environment, including the issues I mentioned before:

    overpopulation; urbanisation; soil erosion and salination; deforestation; desertification; extinction and loss of biodiversity, both wild and agricultural; over-exploitation and pollution of fresh water; poisoning and acidification of the seas; collapse of fishing stocks, and so on.

    This isn't about the Earth, as you seem to think, Newbie. It has gone through mass extinction events before, and recovers after a few million years.

    This is about us fouling our own nest and making our lives and our children's lives very much worse. Billions are already born to live in degradation as it is. The rapidly worsening (in terms of geological time) condition of our biological life support systems overall, as recognised by all biologists, is likely to end in a very substantial human death toll. Just how many millions, no-one can predict.

    Going along with the anti-environmental agenda, as you seem to want us to do, seems morally reprehensible, to say the least.

  17. Morally reprehensible?,

    I am just stating the opinion that the whole "climate change" agenda has been convieniently hijacked by self interest lobby groups and used by the Govt as an excuse to extract yet more money from us.

    Want to drive, tax it, larger car, tax it, Low Emission Zone tax it, foreign holiday, tax get the picture.

    The default 20mph speed limit in residential streets as proposed by
    the carbon trust who lobby Govt, for a "low carbon future".

    One thing I predict, energy / fuel bills WILL become even more expensive.

    But hey, it's 'saving the planet' so must be a good thing....


  18. "hijacked by self interest lobby groups and used by the Govt as an excuse to extract yet more money from us"

    That's just the way society is right now. You know what? I blame the New Labour party. Certainly no reasonable, economically literate - which counts most or all Marxists out - environmentalist would want to make "green" taxes anything but tax neutral. Why not cut income taxes for the low-paid in exchange? Apart from anything else, from the Pigovian point of view, don't you tax the bad things you want to reduce, like smoking, so why on earth tax (ie disincentivise) work in the first place?

    "One thing I predict, energy / fuel bills WILL become even more expensive."

    Here again, don't blame environmentalists. If we'd had our way 30 or more years ago; making contraception easy and free to obtain worldwide, and discouraging any more than 2 children per couple, then the human population would be far lower than it is today, and the competition for resources would be much lower too. Prices will always go up when you have rising demand and a fixed, or decreasing supply.

    If you want to blame anyone for this, then the Pope and those fellow religious leaders who insist on women being baby machines delivering souls to swell their power bases would be appropriate candidates.

  19. Ah religion...possibly the cause of more conflicts throughout history, than politics could ever achieve.

    I am of the belief that those who belive, will belive, and those who don't won't...


  20. Trouble is, Newbie, that some people who don't believe, believe in not believing.

    Dick the Doc.

    It's people that cause conflict. Blaming it on Religion or politics, merely obscures the root cause.