Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Seal of Disapproval

man beating baby seal to death So, it’s a nice sunny day, it’s spring and the daffodils are in flower. So you decide to walk and take in the beauty of nature. But then you encounter these men with baseball bats beating the shit out of cats, dogs, foxes, badgers, voles, otters, and any other living animal they can find. The pavements, the highways and our parks run red with blood. It splatters up your legs as you walk, your shoes stick to the ground where the blood is congealed. Not a pleasant day after all.

Sorry to be so graphic but that is what is happening right now in Canada, with baby seals. And it happens every year.

Not for food, but for Fur.

Canadians themselves are overwhelmingly opposed to this commercial seal slaughter so most of the products are exported to Europe for sale.

This spring the European Parliament are to vote on a ban of the seal product trade. You can lobby your 8 London MEPs here. However, it didn’t work when I tried it so I emailed them direct. You can find their emails here.

I have confirmation that Jean Lambert, Dr Charles Tannock and Mary Honeyball will be voting for the ban.

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