Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Movers & Shakers

Roger Evans at last year's London Freewheel eventDown true blue Wandsworth way back in 2007 there was a trial of an initiative called “Movers and Shakers”. What it did was to provide bike [cycling] training for community leaders and role models and then ask them to share their experiences with the community. It was a major success, not surprising given how [some] notable Tories like to ride bikes, OK we will ignore Mr Coleman. So much so that the Redbridge branch of the London Cycling Campaign [LCC], are due to launch a similar project here in Bluebridge Redbridge this month, March 2009 running until June 6th when there will be a Movers and Shakers ride led by a celebrity [?] at the Redbridge Cycling Centre. The first Mover and Shaker to be invited is Roger [two pies] Evans, Redbridge and Havering London Assembly Member and leader of the Conservative Group at City Hall.

So, if there are any community leaders or role models out there who may be interested read on below and get in touch with Redbridge LCC, but don’t forget to address Lady Gill correctly – she’s an MBE you know! [Modesty Becomes ‘Er]

Note: You don’t have to be blond(e) and wear a medallion or sling backs: but apparently it helps according to a certain northern ecky thump Labour MP - via Dizzy.

Project aims
Explore barriers to, and perceptions of, cycling as a mode of transport
Provide direct experience of cycling to community leaders via one-to-one tailored cycle training .
Enable community leaders from a variety of backgrounds to act as role models to tell others about cycling.
Provide help with telling others about cycle training/cycling experience.

Who's it for?
Individuals with strong links to East London, with existing high profile or an interest in raising their profile, and who are seen as opinion-formers or role models by one or more community groups in the borough
Not cycled before, or not cycling regularly , and willing to participate in personalised cycle training
Able and willing to pass on their experiences to the local community via appropriate media e.g. the press, a weblog, a community newsletter , and video

How does it work?
A brief assessment is carried out, to understand their perceptions of cycling and discuss how participants can tell others about their involvement in the project
A professional cycle trainer will then contact participants to arrange a minimum of two hours' training at their convenience, with a promise of more sessions if desired.
After the training, a brief follow-up interview will be carried out to see if, and how, participants' perceptions of cycling may have changed
At the end of the project in June 2009, there will be a public event at Redbridge Cycling Centre for all the 'Movers and Shakers' to meet up and discuss, share and publicise their experiences in the press and on video


  1. It's not so much Movers & Shakers as Movers & Droopers. Guys, ignore this daft fashion for peddling. There is scientific evidence that links too much bicycling with impotence. Peddle today and it's Viagra tomorrow. Leave it the women.

  2. Can anyone lend me some bike clips?