Saturday, March 07, 2009

Count your Worms

a Lob WormI do know that there are quite a few gardeners [even guerrilla ones] and allotment holders who read this blog, and this post is for you. Those nice people at the Open Air Laboratories (OPAL) network need your help.

London Soil and earthworm survey - join in now

Discover more about the world of earthworms and help scientists with valuable research. We're inviting everybody to take part in one of the England's biggest nature surveys. OPAL scientists want to find out more about earthworms and the soils they live in - something we know surprisingly little about. Earthworms are extremely important and play a vital role in recycling plant nutrients and aerating the soil. But we need to build up our understanding of the soil types they live in and their distribution across the country. By taking part in this survey you'll help improve our knowledge of soils and earthworms. It's simple, fun and your findings will be used to update our national record. You'll also be able to see your contribution instantly on our results map.
This exciting new initiative is open to anyone with an interest in nature. We aim to create and inspire a new generation of nature-lovers by getting people to explore, study, enjoy and protect their local environment.

Get digging - Tajinder

For a free London survey pack please contact: Marilia Giannakopoulou

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