Monday, February 02, 2009


snow scene in BarkingsideNow is a good time to pop outside and have a look at your roof. The amount of snow on it will give you a good indication of how effective your loft insulation is. But put your wellies on and wrap up first.

Redbridge Emergency Information - click!
Press Release from RSPB: Snow way birds could survive this weather without our help.

And here’s a picture from Freewheeler over in Walthamstow - "The Ancient House, Walthamstow village. Supposedly the oldest continuously inhabited building in London." Either they are out and the heating is not on, or the loft insulation is damn good.


  1. Great comment from BoJo:

    It's the right kind of snow.

    It's just the wrong quantity.

  2. this is quantity!