Sunday, February 15, 2009

Redbridge Emergency Service Updates

the Redbridge Leaf logoLook what I’ve found. A new blog called “Redbridge Emergency Service Updates” created on 10th February 2009 and it seems run by Redbridge Council. Mind you, I can’t find any reference to this blog on red-i so it may not be them. The first post says:

“In the event of service disruptions in Redbridge, where redbridge-i cannot be updated, service disruptions will be posted here”.

Hmmmm, I wonder if the recent severe weather conditions have highlighted some resilience issues with our award winning website? It can’t be as simple as the red-i team not being able to get to work because they appear to have had remote access in the days when the forum was moderated out of hours?

Don’t get me wrong here, this is a jolly spiffing idea. The red-i website may not be available in an emergency situation for any number of reasons, so a belt ‘n braces boy scout approach is one I approve of, especially when it’s FREE! As blogs are.

Hattip: Miss J from Romford.

Update: The blog appears to have been created by Gecko84, a “local gov web editor”. So appears to be genuine.

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