Monday, February 16, 2009

Oh No, Not Again?

Mrs Secretary tells me that Forest Road was closed this afternoon. Something stuck under the bridge. That didn’t last long did it. The signs are obviously not big enough.

the new signs at Fairlop bridge

UPDATE: A neighbour has called to tell me that she was travelling immediately behind the lorry at shortly past 9am this morning and that the lorry tipped over on its side just outside the station. Precisely where pedestrians might be on entering or leaving the station. Redbridge Council and TfL really do have to sort this one out.


  1. Quote: "Redbridge Council and TfL really have to sorty this out...".

    Don't make me laugh.

    Pi##-ups and breweries again.

    I'm sure Morris will have more than enough invective for the lot of us.

  2. I understand from a visitor to my home earlier today that this incident led, for some quite inexplicable reason, to withdrawal of the train service between Hainault and Woodford!

    The signage both at the bridge and roadside on Forest Road is clear. It is now high time that drivers like this one were charged by the ol' bill and prosecuted for the offence of driving without due care and attention. That incompetent body called TfL also needs to stop throwing money (OUR money) at stupid traffic "improvement" schemes like Barkingside High Street, Gants Hill, and Nudity Square and put it into the essential safety scheme of lowering the road level under this bridge.

    No doubt those comments will disappoint Ray's expectations of me....

  3. Honest question - whilst lowering the road may seem like an answer, what about the drains and water pipes and gas pipes that may lurk under the road surface?

    The cost and disruption of dealing with those could well be utterly beyond practicality.

  4. A breeze for competant Engineers as opposed to CONsultants. It was done at Hainault and Silver Street Tottenham to identify but only two. In fact at Silver Street the A406 now goes underneath the Railway Station adjacent to the original road. If they can do that, they can do this.

  5. Judith is absolutely right - but with the ever-increasing size of lorries, and the potential for a fatal accident, the authorities - TfL and Redbridge - cannot just keep "riding their luck" on this one.

    Perhaps the answer is to get this spot incorporated into either Monkhams or Clayhall wards......

  6. I agree with you, Morris, especially about the waist of money of the so-called "improvements" to Barkingside High Street.

    But..... I thought the glorious Politburo project in Ilford was called Vanity Square.

  7. Nudity Square, Vanity Square, Unity Square - call it what you will, it's unnecessary expense when the council cannot even "afford" basic social care for elderly vulnerable people. Of course, it can afford councillors' allowances, Jaguar cars, "Blackberries", consultants to design stupid traffic schemes, and so on.

  8. TFL have proved how inept and prone to wasting taxpayers money on questionable projects instead of concentrating on areas, junctions, danger spots that really need attention, such as the Bridge near Fairlop Station and Claybury Broadway at the botton of Clayhall Avenue. Please Barkingside 21 continue to campaign for these two hotspots to be improved!!

  9. RF @ 21:06 18/2


  10. Perhaps we should take a leaf out of Clements Road book and close the road to everything except,taxis,buses and cyclists


  11. Well Clements Road may have been closed as stated, but it has not kept out other vehicles. In the same way perfectly clear and visible signs are ignored by drivers of over-sized lorries entering Forest Road.

  12. How silly of me,l should have read "wayste". Sorry.